Introduction: How to Use OLD LAPTOP

About: Hi, I am a trash to cash builder.In my spare time i'm also an electronic hobbyist and a Robot builder.I usually make low-budget projects.

This Instructable is dedicated to my old laptop

HP Pvallion Dv6

In this Project I'l tell about the possible uses of our Old Laptop

I'f you have any queries or suggestions comment below :)

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Also tell me if you have any further ideas.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Screw driver

Some Pieces of paper

Laptop (the most Important)

Step 2: Listing of Parts Obtained

The parts are as follows-
1) LCD Screen
2) Graphic card (Cooling fan)
3) Keyboard
4) DVD player
5) Mother board
6) Ram
7) Internal Hard disk
8) Ports(USB and HDMI)

Step 3: Use of LCD Screen

Once the screen is been removed carefully

Turn is backwards and see the serial number give on it's back and check it.

To convert you can covert the BARE LCD into A USEFUL one by using a LCD/LED contoller board.

you can buy one from here.

Step 4: Use of Graphic Controller

The graphic controller of any laptop is a valuable item and it can be sold in second hand item.

The removal of the GPU should be done carefully such that it does not get damaged. The cooling Fan should be removed.

The use of the cooling fan would be covered in other instructables.

Step 5: Internal DVD Player

Now the most important part of any laptop is Writable disk player.

This player can be sold seprately on Ebay or any other site.

Step 6: Motherboard

The Motherboard consists of many important parts that can used-

1) RAM

It can be either sold seperatly or it can be used in another Laptop or PC with an empty slot.

2) Power connectors

for more information on power connector click here

3) SATA slots

The would help you to support your hardisk by connecting it to your motherboard.Old sata slot can be used to replace not working slots(sata)

4) BIOS chip (least likely to be sold)

If your old computer has same O.S as your new one than BIOS chip can be used in the new one laptop

5) North and South bridge

The south bridge chipset can be sold individually.

6) Front Panel Connectors

7) USB Headers and Audio Header

The are the connectors that connect to extrenal pendrives or hardisks or audio ports

8) Rear Connectors

Step 7: Hard Disk

Hard disk from an old laptop is the most valuable and easily usable part. The hard disk that I obtained was a Seagate 320GB 7200 rpm one. I had got it converted into a external hard disk by buying a SATA Casing.

Step 8: The Battery

Identify the weak spot somewhere along the seams, and pry until the pack pops open.I carefully insert a screwdriver blade and twist to separate. Some packs pop right open, some take a little more effort. Because the packs are usually ultrasonic welded along the seams, with added double sided tape.

If having trouble finding a weak spot along the seams, use a dremel saw or cutting disk to cut through an angle - not along the seams, or you risk damaging cells. Be careful during doing this process.

Now,pull the cell assembly out from the battery

Then,carefully cut the tabs/ wires that are connected to the charging circuit and between the cells using a pair of scissor.After separating the chairing board I kept it for future projects.

I found 6 Li Ion batteries manufactured by HP .The capacity was 4200 mAh. The two batteries are wired in parallel, and 3 parallel packs are connected in series for the desired voltage and mAh.

Twist the solder tabs off by using a nose pliers.If you want to build a pack with the cells, you might want to keep the tabs instead of twisting them off, as it makes soldering a lot easier and safer. After the tabs are pulled off, gently dremel the weld points until the surface is flat.


1) measure the the voltage in individual cells if the voltage is below 2.5 v, then throw them away.

2) Now charge the remaning cells and if they get hot hot just throw them away

now You can use the remaning cells to power any thing and also to make a power bank.

Step 9: Last Battery Charger

You can sell the battery charger for a good prize online

or you can use it in your new laptop.


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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Do not throw away the battery but make sure it gets recycled.


    3 years ago

    Excellent 'ible. It hepled me to use my old dell 3542


    4 years ago

    I have a brand new Dell i paid close to $1000 for that doesnt work and Dell wont take it back. Ive spent hours and many nights on the phone while they remote assess, but no solution. They sent me new hard drive CDs which i paid another $100 to be professionally installed. I keep getting "network adapter" warnings and cant get online. Mayb theres a part in my 10 yr old computer that will fix the new one? Im not brave enough to try most of this, but i may try a couple. Thanks.


    4 years ago

    I've been waiting for someone else someone (I personally run across) to finally understand just how valuable an old laptop or cell phone truly is...even if it's not working completely. And in addition to the things you mention that I myself have already identified, you mention some new things I'd never even thought of. NEVER throw a laptop or cell phone in the garbage, especially if it's just because you want the latest and greatest. The core functionality AND working parts of a laptop (and even as much or moreso) a cell phone are golden. You can do a million things with either, especially when you factor in their wireless and blue tooth capabilities. You can literally use them to automate your home. FOR EXAMPLE:

    Instead of going out and buying the newest wireless external hard drives for 150 to 300 dollars, an old laptop can do the exact same thing PLUS you can add addition old hard drives (internal OR external) to the old laptop with the USB ports! You can also create a wireless home stereo system or a blue tooth home theater system. There's a MILLION things they will do just fine without going out and spending money on new gear. And they don't need to have super fast processors or A/C wireless either. A 10 year old laptop would work just fine for a home stereo/theater system. And a tiny smartphone is even better!

    Lets stop wasting our money on things we already have and let's especially stop PAYING MONEY to throw something into a landfill just so we can bury it and watch it pollute our water and earth later on. It is INCREDIBLE how much we as humans throw away that is still perfectly usable! If you feel you have to throw them away, just send them to me...I'll fix them to perfect working order, upgrade them to compete with a new model (for next to nothing), and give them to schools or the poor!

    GREAT job...ESPECIALLY the part about the old batteries! Never even occurred to me. But....part of me is also a bit angry that you let the cat out of the bag. Once everyone wakes up the price of old discarded laptops is going to rise :( How selfish of me! Lol....


    4 years ago

    My Thanks to you. this 'ible gave me some awsome ideas.


    4 years ago

    My thanks! Just for the experience, I built a 486 desktop about 15 years ago just to see if I could...Your 'able, with your photos of the individual internal components, has given me the "courage" to open up my 6-yr-old Toshiba with a cracked screen! New reading glasses, a miniature tool kit, plenty of time, and now your post... No more excuses, Old Guy! :-)


    Reply 4 years ago

    If you need further support just comment below


    4 years ago

    Excellent ible, TYSM!


    4 years ago

    Excellent 'able. I have an old laptop that I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with.

    Now I have some great ideas. Thank you again for this.