How to Use Photoshop CC: Beginners




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Introduction: How to Use Photoshop CC: Beginners

This is how your canvas should be when get familiar with Photoshop

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Step 1: Open Up Photoshop Creative Cloud

The first step is to download Photoshop CC on a Mac or PC

Step 2: Edit Your Canvas

First go to FILE and CLICK New .your canvas or page layout should be the size you prefer, 300 resolution is recommended and save your work the moment you open up your application. Always save your work on a big drive and back up drive for your work because Photoshop (psd) have huge files.


Step 3: Preview Canvas

A blank page of what it should look like


Step 4: Tools

Identify the tool box on the left hand side of the screen and get familiar with each tool because the tools are important. Especially the CLICK tool.

Step 5: Colors, Folders, and Grouping

On the right hand of the screen there is a setting to store files and artwork. There are color ranges for shapes and figures. Also, there is a Layer setting that will adjust and keep it step separate within the artwork. Also,it can be rearranged to have layers behind and in-front of each other . Always remember to SAVE.


Step 6: How to Unlock a Background Layer

If a layer is lock than it will have a LOCK symbol, so to unlock all you have to do is double click it until the new layer screen appear. You can name the file if you like so you will not get confused when you add more layers. So by adding more layers all you have to do is right click your mouse on a layer and click Duplicate Layer or New layer.


Step 7: Layers

In this project you will need 3 (three) new layers to have your new work in a separate layer ( circle, colors, background, etc.) In the layer's setting, the layers that is on top will be in-front- of all the others layers ( top to bottom). Also, the Layers are movable in order. Notice I have layer 1 before Layer 2 and layer 1 and 2 are in-front from layer 0. The numbers does not have meaning, the order is the only thing that matter because some objects may or may not be seen.


Step 8: Creating Your Circle

  1. click on your first layer to make sure its selected
  2. Go to the Edit > then click stroke> edit stroke pixel > change color either to your Background or Foreground
  3. Then in the same layer > go to Edit again > stroll down to fill > set your color > then click ok
  4. your shape should look like this circle
  5. Go to select and deselect


Step 9: Select Your 2nd New Layer you new layer ( naming is in option)

2. go to your gradient on in the Tool bar and click

3. Notice that your top bar changes ,there are options to create a new set of colors or work on the pre-made colors and there is in option to set the colors at an angle you prefer

4. create a new gradient > press save > new gradient added to selection

5. Now your ready to adjust your new background


Step 10: Making Your Masterpiece Festive

Now that you have three folders in order from front to back its time for you to stylize your work

1. take your file that your set a background gradient to > right click > duplicate layer

  • you are duplicating your layer because if you stylize on your only gradient background it will be difficult for you to remove the styling option. FYI (The more you have the better then you can choose the best style that you like.)

2. go to one of your Duplicate layer that you completed and you can click the eyeball symbol for the layers you are not using

3. go to the top of your screen > find Filter > search for stylize > go through your options


I choose the filter Stylize and then Tiles . . . and a option box appeared which is just a setting for the creator ( you ) who wants to adjust the numbers of tiles and etc.

In the end I got a pretty cool outcome

P. S. You can add more than one filter on an existing filter ( Filter > Stylize> extrude> box tool> ok>

Step 11: Conclusion

The steps I added should be useful when your beginning to use Photoshop for the first time. I try to make my steps as clear ass possible. But through out your usage of Photoshop you will come across new ways to create new things. I hope you took come new and usable information from my instructions.

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