How to Use Pulse Sensor?(3 Steps)


Hi! Today we will discuss 2 different pulse sensor and their using shemas,codes.

Pulse sensors can be useful for your health projects. I will tell most easy way of using Pulse Sensor.

You can get libraries about pulse or a lot of useless codes.

Let's start!

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Step 1: How Many Sensors Are There About Pulse?

There are 2 different popular pulse sensor.

  • What is the diversity?
  • First sensor is cheaper than other. Because it is dud! If you want to work stabile.

I am regret because I bought first one.:(

Don't Buy first one because its' logic is; a led bright to an ldr, and save the bright changes. When you couldn't turn led to true position, values will be wrong!

But if you use second one; You don't have to deal with values. Because it is an intigret system. Just hold your hands and get the values.

First one link:

Second one link:

Step 2: How Can We Use These?

Both of them have same features, and same pin.

They have 3 pins; one of them signal, second +5v and third one Gnd.

You don't have to use a library for this sensor.

Connect the signal pin to an analog pin.

Step 3: Code;

You can get this work from this link;

>>> Download Link <<<



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