How to Use a Pipal Tree Seed Make a Pendant for Bracelet Necklace




Today i will show you how to use a pipal tree seed to make a pendant for necklace,

Multi-hole Bodhi is solid and very hard, and it can be carved into any favorite Hand playing pieces, and also can be made the bracelet. Multi-hole Bodhi come from the Africa, and it is seed of banyan. It looks rough, and after elaborate processing with coarse gauze and crocus cloth, it looks very beautiful, and the surface is white, and is inlaid with thousands of spots, like thousands of eyes. has always been known as auspicious thing in the world. Bodhi seed has always been known as auspicious thing in the world, indicating safety and luck. It is a kind of large fruit from African natural plant, with highly hard shell. Its surface is smooth and firm, and is suitable for sculpture. As you play with it in your hands for a long time, the wrapped slurry is getting better and better. It is more made into hand pieces, car decoration and other widgets.

Step 1: Step 1 :Materials Needed

Choose a big nice pipal tree seed the link is below:

Pipal tree seed

sand paper must four diffrent Meshes like

100 meshes / 240 meshes/ 800 meshes /1200 meshes

A small basin of water;

best need a brush

Step 2: Step 2 : Sanding


1. Sand with 100 meshes of sandpaper for removing peel

2. Sand with 240 meshes of sandpaper until slight patterns appear.

3. Sand with 800 meshes of sandpaper until clear patterns appear.

4. Sand with 1200 meshes of sandpaper until surface is smooth

5. Polish with 1200 meshes of sandpaper extremely

Step 3: Step 3 : Clean It

clean it you will find the seed somewhere has a hole ,

thats the seed germination place ,

then you can make the hole bigger inlay some beads / diamond or what you want .

Step 4: Step 4 : Inlay a Bead

the hole you need make a little bit small ,

then use a hammer slowly knock in ,

Step 5: Step 5 : Put on Rope

then you can drill a hole for the rope / chain or what you want ,

here i will show you about the hand holder rope ,

link is

Step 6: Step 6 : Finished and Note


After patterns appear, you’d better shape it in hand. Although it is time-consuming and laborious, it will get the best effect. When polishing, it had better stop touching water, and in the later playing in plates it had better not touch water.

After patterns appear, you’d better shape it in hand. Although it is time-consuming and laborious, it will get the best effect. When polishing, it had better stop touching water, and in the later playing in plates it had better not touch water. Polishing process is a kind of very good enjoyment. When you look at that the ugly little duck become a white swan in your hand, you enjoy it.

1. Bodhi try not to touch water in the process of dribbling. If you accidentally make it touch the water, you should immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth, and put it in a cool, shade and windless place to dry it, and improper handling can cause cracking.

2/、Don't to save it in damp environment, because it is plant seed, and it will get mildew in damp environment. Don't be afraid, if it appear mildew phenomenon, wipe out the mildew with a clean soft cloth, which will not affect its structure, more will not affect the normal use of it

3、If the surface of Bodhi presents too dry, usually it is cased by dribbling of friend with the dry skin, while you just put it in your face or other oil body to roll rub. If the effect is not obvious, you also can drop a small amount of pure olive oil in your palm, and pinch it in palm until its surface is moistened evenly by oil. However this method is used sparingly, avoiding that its surface appears imprint which affects its beauty, because of uneven oiling.

4.Try to keep it from sun exposure, high wind and freeze. If you wear it in this weather environment, you should let it in the place which can protect it as far as possible, such as coat pocket, bags and so on.

5、About angular or figurative Bodhi, avoid external pressure extrusion or falling on the hard ground, which is likely to destroy its appearance and structure.



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8 Discussions


1 year ago

Hi, there is a bit of misinformation here. Those seeds are of the raffia palm, definitely not pipal, which is a ficus.


Reply 2 years ago

there is a Etsy shop selling these


2 years ago

They are beautiful. Is it an option, after completely dried, to protect them with a tin layer of epoxy?

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

do not need other things to protect, just knead by your hands ,what Is the surface patina, as the carrier of the goods to suiyueliuhen cultural relics due to long time oxidation layer formed by oxidation of the past, it is called antique patina in the long years of dust because of sweat, with the hand stains, or buried in the soil water, and Masha, even through the air layers, ray the accumulation of surface crust formed gradually

hand knead play, is to accelerate the formation of patina, hand wheel for a period of time after the thousand eyes Bodhi color becomes deep, the surface will form a glossy and shiny, began a jade luster even luster glaze thousand eyes Bodhi this is thousand eyes Bodhi patina patina after sliding gratifying light, quiet, tell you, this thing is old, showing a warm old gas that is impetuous and freshly baked goods that color, dry texture contrast


Reply 2 years ago

Clear! I was asking because in the climate were I lived sooner or later everything will be eaten if you do not protect it.