How to Use a Quad Cane

This instructable is how to effectively use a quad cane.

Step 1: Adjust Height of Quad Cane

Place quad cane next to individual. Have the individual place their arm at their sides. The handle of the quad cane should be at the crease of their wrist.

Step 2: Adjust the Height of Quad Cane Continued

Move the quad cane up and down based on the needs of the individual using the cane. Push buttons in to adjust the height.

Step 3: Cane Height and Positioning

Cane height at the crease of the wrist. Cane must be on the unaffected side. Adjust the cane accordingly. The cane is shaped like a "K". The long side of the K should be closest to the patient. Make adjustments as needed.

Step 4: Switching Positions for "K" Positioning

Lift the lever on the cane. Turn the cane to have the "K" facing the opposite direction in order to be on the unaffected side.

Step 5: Walking With a Quad Cane

Ensure that the cane has remained the same height after rotation.

Step 6: Walking With Quad Cane Continued

Walking with the cane. Place cane out in front , push through the cane, and step with the affected side. Then follow through with the unaffected side.



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