How to Use a "Reed Switch"? DIY:- "Magnetic Switch" on Breadboard

Introduction: How to Use a "Reed Switch"? DIY:- "Magnetic Switch" on Breadboard

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This is a basic tutorial to show you how a Reed Switch works and how you can make a 'Magnetic Switch' on a breadboard. Just follow my steps and you'll complete this circuit within 1 minute!

Step 1: Electronic Components Required: -

Requirements : - Reed Switch , 9v battery with holder, L.E.D , Breadboard and magnet (For testing)

Step 2: Steps of Construction:-

Check my video out on YouTube @ my channel - Troy Araujo

It has very few steps. You might even understand the steps from the images.

Step 3: Testing the 'Magnetic Switch'

Once you complete this circuit and connect the battery ; bring a magnet near the Reed Switch and you will see the L.E.D light up!

Congrats! Your "Magnetic Switch" is now ready!

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    3 years ago

    Simple circuits that can bring instant gratification are a great way to introduce others into the hobby, thus providing motivation to learn more, nice submission. ☺