How to Use the 5V -12V 315Mhz Wireless Transmitter EV1527

Introduction: How to Use the 5V -12V 315Mhz Wireless Transmitter EV1527

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I purchased two of these small transmitters from eBay and struggled to find any useful information on them.

I am not sure if this is the intended set up for these devices, but it works well!

I already had some 315MHz receivers for another project (eBay Universal Wireless Super Regeneration 315MHZ Fixed Decoder Receiver Module), so I hoped that because they were both the same frequency that they would work together!

I did some testing with no antenna attached to the transmitter at this point and got a very logical response !

(I Googled the length of an antenna and found that a piece of wire 23.81 cm / 9.37 inch would be the optimim!).

On the EV1527 board there are 4 jumpers. On the fixed decoder receiver, there are 4 outputs.

I set all 4 jumpers to the H position on the transmitter and put the receiver into 'Learn' mode, i.e, I pressed the button and applied 5v to the transmitter.

Now the jumper positions are mimicked on the receiver whenever 5v is supplied - these will work with a 5v to 12v supply. !

See picture 4.

So it looks like there are 15 possible codes (plus all off of course !) on this little unit.

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