How to Use the Epilog Mini Laser Cutter

Introduction: How to Use the Epilog Mini Laser Cutter

Hey guys, today we will learn how to use the popular Epilog Mini laser cutter. We will go step by step from turning on the machine to using the proper settings for each material.

Here's a list of the steps that we will go over:

1- The components of the machine.

2- Operating the machine.

2- Using the control panel.

3- Applying the proper settings for each type of materials.

4- Using the Epilog Engraver Properties dashboard.

Note: for more information check out these racecourses:

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Step 1: The Components of the Machine

The Epilog mini comes with three main components:

1- The laser cutter itself.

2- The air assist pump.

3- The laser fume extractor.

Note: Always make sure that the air assist pump and the laser fume extractor are turned on before using the machine.

Step 2: Operating the Machine

As you can notice on the attached pictures, it's better to have a power stabilizer.

To operate the machine:

1- Start with turning on the power stabilizer ( if you have the same set up)

2- Turn on the the laser fume extractor.

3- Turn on the air assist pump.

Now, we need to do some quick adjustments to make the laser pointer starts from a specific point

Step 3: Using the Control Panel.

To do this:

1- Turn on the laser pointer from the front control panel.

2- Push the X/Y button to turn off the motors that move the pointer, then push the Go button.

3-Now, you can move the laser pointer manually to any starting point you want on your material.

4- Now push the set Home button.

After finishing these steps the machine is now ready to receive any printing order.

Note: Make sure the machine is installed properly on your computer with all the drivers and software needed: You can visit this link for more information:

Step 4: Using the Epilog Engraver Properties Dashboard

After preparing the machine, we can start cutting or engraving any design we have.

So, what we normally do is saving any design we have as PDF file, then we just print this file directly to the Epilog mini.

Attached with this step a table with all the settings needed to most common types of materials we use.

Step 5: General Tips

These are some general tips form the user manual and some from our own experience with this machine.

1- Always make sure that the machine is clean before using it.

2- Ask for help if you are not sure about the setting or the materials.

3- Always double check the setting before cutting.

4- Never cut any design before you check its quality.

5- Always check the types of the materials and make sure that it’s good to cut or engrave.

6- Clean the machine after using it and turn it off.

finally hope you find this tutorial helpful :)

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