How to Use the Game Boy Printer

Introduction: How to Use the Game Boy Printer

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This is basically A manual for anyone having trouble with using there Game Boy printer. I thought it may be of some use considering that there is A lack of pdf Game Boy printer manuals online. Today we will be considering how to use the printer and some facts that I can't seem to find online.

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Step 1: What You Need

Obviously, you will need A Game Boy printer. The printer also requires 1.5" thermal paper. For more info, I have an instructable published on this paper. But you will need A Game Boy (This means any of the Game Boy line except for the Game Boy micro) and A Game link cable, (There are A few models. I will talk about these in the next step) and any compatible games. You will also need 6 double A batteries for the printer. That's right, 6.

Step 2: More on Game Link Cables

Depending on what Game Boy you have, you will need different link cables. For the original Game Boy, you will need a Game Boy to Game Boy color cable adapter. if you have A Game Boy pocket, Game boy color or the Game Boy advance, the normal Game Boy color link cable will work since the Game Boy printer uses the same link port as these consoles.

Step 3: Games

Now that you have your printer link cable and console , you will need software to control the printer. Bring in the games! It would seem logical to say that nintendo intended for the Game Boy printer to primarily be used with the Game Boy camera because the camera is advertised right on the printer box! There are other games compatible with the printer though. I would like to provide you with A list of all compatible games but I do not know all of them myself, so I would recommend looking up A list online. My favorite printer compatible game would be the Game Boy camera.

Step 4: Hook It Up and Start Printing!

Here are the steps to take to start printing with your Game Boy printer:

1. Insert the 6 double A batteries into the Game Boy printer.

2. Using the proper link cable, connect the Game Boy printer and the Game Boy of your choice together.

3. Insert Game Boy printer compatible game into the console.

4. Turn the printer on.

5. Turn on the Game Boy and, following the Games instructions, find out how to use your game with the printer. Instructions can be found online by searching your game title and then the words: pdf manual.

6. Once you are Done printing, gently tear off the photo. HINT: To print out A test message on the printer, hold down the feed button as you turn the printer on.

Step 5: Update!

I was experimenting the other day and as it turns out, the Game Boy Advance and the Game boy Advance SP are both compatible with the Game Boy color link cable. This is actually good to know.

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