How to Use the Polygon Command in AutoCAD, Student Edition

Introduction: How to Use the Polygon Command in AutoCAD, Student Edition

In this Instructable you will learn one of the fundamental features in the program AutoCAD. Learning how to effectively use the polygon command will set you on your way to becoming an AutoCAD expert! 

** For this specific Instructable, we find it useful to read the step and text before checking with the attached images. **

Step 1: Download Software

Step 2: Choosing the Right AutoCAD

Choose the very first listed "AutoCAD" link under product catalog.

Step 3: Clicking the Download Link

Click "download now!' under "view designs created..."

Step 4: Opening AutoCAD

After AutoCAD is downloaded and opens, a pop-up informs you that you are using a student edition of the program. Click "Continue" and the program will continue to open.

Step 5: Exiting the Pop-up Menu

A "getting started" pop-up widow will greet you when the program fully opens. Click the red "x" in the top left corner of the box to dismiss it and move on to the drawing board.

Step 6: Using the Polygon Command

After reaching the drawing board, type the command "POL", and then hit the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key. This will command the program to use the "Polygon" function. The preset of the number of sides to this function is 4, so all we need to do now is click the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key once again.

** These actions and those to follow will be manifested in the lower left hand corner of AutoCAD in the command box highlighted by the red box in the images. **

Step 7: Setting the Anchor

Click anywhere on the black drawing board one time. Next you will be asked to enter an option (inscribed in circle/circumscribed about circle.) The preset is "inscribed" <I>. Click "Enter".

Step 8: Finishing Up

Move around the mouse to adjust the size and angle of the rectangle. Click anywhere on the black drawing board to set the angle and size of the rectangle. 

Congratulations, that's it! You have successfully created a rectangle using the polygon command in AutoCAD!

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