How to Wake Up Early

Introduction: How to Wake Up Early

If you struggle with waking up early it is mostly because you don't sleep long enough or the motivation to wake up is not there. When you have something cool to do at the morning (like going to some trip intead of work) then you have no trouble to wake up. Watch the video for more details.

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Step 1: Find the Right Movitation

If you are not motivated then it is a lot harder to wake up. So do something that will be intresting and fun during the day.

Step 2: Take Your Buzzer Out of Your Hand Range

Just place your buzzer or cellphone in other room, so you need to stand up to turn it off.

Step 3: Change Your Routines at the Morning and at the Evening

Start a day with something intresting and pleasurable: read a newspaper, drink a coffe or tea, watch something in TV. Don't start the day with rush.

Before you go to sleep don't watch any glowing screens like TV, iPad or smartphone. Read a classic book untill you will be tired enought to easily go to sleep. You will sleep better that way.

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