How to Wallspin

Introduction: How to Wallspin

Before you Start
Before we begin we need to make sure were not trying to Wall Spin on a vertical wall at first. You can severely injure yourself trying to learn your first wall spin on a vertical wall so we need to make sure to train in the safest ways possible. So pick an obstacle that's horizontal it could be anything from ledges, benches, tables, or anything that can safely let yourself train without getting injured. When you found yourself a horizontal obstacle to train on than you can start learning the Wall spin. The nice thing about obstacle that's horizontal is that you can actually safely spin yourself around avoiding clipping your feet or smashing your face in the ground. Also if you learn the Palm Spin it's going to make it easier for you to learn the wall spin since the palm spin technique is pretty much the same thing the only difference is your spinning yourself more of an inverted vertical position. On this Step by Step tutorial I will be doing it on a small table. So lets get started and head to the next page!

Step 1: Step 1 Eye Placement

We need to make sure were looking at the obstacle that were trying to overcome. our eyes plays a strong role during any movement that were trying to accomplish. Doing vaults or flips is nearly impossible without our eyes so make sure were looking at the obstacle that were trying to work on.

Step 2: Step 2 Run Up

For any vault or flip that were trying to overcome we need some momentum so it can give us speed and power. But for a Wall Spin you just need a decent amount of speed but not too much because all of your momentum will go forward causing your feet to clip and makes it difficult to rotate around so slightly jug into the obstacle.

Step 3: Step 3 the Jump

Once we got that momentum we need to transfer it for the jump. We need to make sure to jump with both feet so it allows us to rotate safely. In the air you want to tuck both of your feet to your chest this allows you to rotate faster. Now you want try to twerk your body around the obstacle and also keeping your hips really high so this allows you to be in that inverted vertical position.

Step 4: Step 4 Hand Placement

Has we jump at the same time were placing our hands into the obstacle. Our hand placement is gonna be supporting us all the way through until we successfully landed the move. If we are spinning on the left side our left hand is going be facing down to support us and our right hand is going to be facing to the direction we are rotating. Now if we are spinning to the right side it's pretty much the same thing but it's the opposite direction so our right hand is gonna be supporting us facing down and our left hand is gonna be facing to the direction that were going to rotate.

Step 5: Step 5 Landing

Our landing is important because this helps us absorb the impact through our feet. For any vault or flips we need to make sure to land on the balls of the foot so we can avoid injuries. You also want to land both feet facing straight. At this point you successfully landed the move. Now make sure you repeatably practice this move until you feel confident and also to improve your technique.

Step 6: Conclusion

That's how you Wall spin and it takes a lot of practice to understand the movement. Personally took me months of training to successfully Wall Spin on a vertical wall. This movement is advanced and learning other vaults or flips like the Palm Spin is going to help you learn the Wall Spin much easier since you have develop the coordination and strength. My problem learning this flip is the rotation I had so much fear of clipping my feet on the wall and smashing my head in the ground. But through intense repetition it help remove that fear than I was able to work on the technique. For more information you can watch my Wall Spin Progression video you can click this link here: Wallspin Progressions

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