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If you have any qualms about dog washing, let go of them and begin your wondrous journey to a clean dog.

Step 1: WARNING: Beware the Shakes!

Your dog will shake a lot during the process, so make sure you are wearing reasonably crappy clothing and have nothing that will be affected by the water (like a phone or camera) nearby.

Step 2: You Will Need...

  • Dog (preferably medium sized)
  • Hose
  • Dog shampoo (We normally use Burt's Bees.)
  • Brush

Step 3: Brush Away!

You don't want the fur to become matted and stuck to your dog's fur, so brush it to stop that.

Step 4: Chase Your Dog With a Hose.

Using a spraying function, wet your dog with the hose to get it ready. The dog will not like it.

Step 5: Soap.

Place the soap on your dog in a line across the center of their back.

Step 6: Lather.

Rub in the soap so you have bubbles. Kinda scratch at your dog's fur so that the soap reaches the skin.

Step 7: Spray Down.

Using your hose, spray your dog so all the soap is gone. I suggest switching modes to a waterfall-like one for part of it to better get rid of soap.

Step 8: Dry Down.

Let your dog shake off the water. So your house doesn't smell like wet dog, I recommend leaving the dog outside until dry. Give it something to keep it busy, like a peanut butter jar. If you can't stand the thought of your doggo left outside, at least try to keep it contained to one room, like your kitchen.

Step 9: Repeat As Neccessary

Your dog will need to be washed often, so make sure to do that!

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