How to Weave a Mat With Small Pom Poms

My mother taught me how to weave mats using a square loom. Here, I have tried a mat with small pom poms, which can be used for keeping your items like mobile phone, keys, jewelries etcetera.

Please look at the pictures above. The first two pictures show the front and back side views of the finished mat. In the last two pictures you can see the closeups of small pom poms on the front and geometrical flower shapes at the back.

Please go through the instructable on how to weave this mat with small pom poms.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • A square frame for weaving 12 inches x 12 inches mat.
  • 2 bundles of Peach colored knitting yarn
  • 3 bundles of multi-colored yarn with pink as main color
  • A crooked needle
  • A straight plastic needle

Regarding the yarn, you can use any colors of your choice. Try with two different contrasting colors

For weaving, you can use a shuttle used for repairing fishing nets. Here i have used a crooked needle for weaving at the center and a straight plastic needle for the edges where it is difficult to work with the crooked needle.

Step 2: How to Start and Warp First Layer

We will warp two layers of peach colored yarn on the frame

  • Place the yarn bundles in a basket to prevent from rolling on the ground and collecting dust
  • Take yarns from both the bundles and tie the ends to any one nail at the corner. Now we got two strands of yarns tied to the corner nail.
  • Leave one nail next to the corner nail and wind the yarns around the third nail
  • Take the yarns across and wind them on opposite nails on the other end
  • Continue warping leaving one nail in between till the yarns are wound on all the nails as shown in the last picture
  • At the end, turn squarely on the the adjacent side of the frame and warp perpendicular to the earlier one.

Now we have completed one layer of warping with peach colored yarn

Step 3: Warp Second Layer

  • Wind the yarn on the third nail at the adjacent side and warp over the already woven yarn on the frame
  • After completing the warp, we will end at where we started. Tie the yarns at the corner nail. Do not trim the yarns as we will warp with the same color again

If you look at the finished warping on the frame, you will see that both layers stand out from each other. This will be the base layer which will remain at the bottom after completion

Step 4: Warp With Pink Colored Yarn

  • Place all 3 bundles of yarn in a plastic container to prevent rolling down
  • Take all 3 strands of yarn and tie at the corner nail where we have earlier tied the peach colored yarn
  • Now start warping on intermediate nails which have been left out. This will form warping between the peach colored yarn already warped on the frame
  • Complete one layer as shown in the picture and tie at the corner nail. Do not trim the yarns and just leave them there

This is the first layer of pom pom design

Step 5: Weave Second Layer With Peach Colored Yarn

  • Once again take the peach colored yarn and weave one more layer over the pink colored yarn. Do not trim the yarn, just tie it at the corner nail from where we started

This is the second layer of pom pom design

Step 6: Third Layer With Pink Colored Yarn

  • Take all 3 strands of pink colored yarn and weave one more layer over the peach colored yarn. This will be third layer of pom pom design

Step 7: Final Layer With Peach Colored Yarn

  • Lastly, take the peach colored yarn and warp the final layer over the pink one. Tie the ends of yarns at where we started and trim both peach and pink colored yarns

The last two pictures show the front and back of the finished warp on the frame

Step 8: Tying the Joints With Cross Knots

  • If you look at the top of finished warp closely, you will find that the peach colored yarns formed a large square and the pink colored yarns formed a cross at the center. First we will use peach colored yarn and tie all crosses of pink colored yarn. The knots will be cross knots as mentioned below:
  • For the end portions closer to the frame, I have used the plastic straight needle
  • We will start tying from one end on the frame. Take peach colored yarn in the needle and tie the end of yarn tightly across the pink colored cross.
  • Holding the tied end of yarn in your left hand, insert the needle through top right space and bring it back through bottom left space.
  • Twist the yarn in your left hand and pass the needle inside the twist and form a knot
  • Now pass the needle through bottom right space and bring it through top left space
  • Twist the yarn in your left hand and pass the needle through the twist.
  • This will form another knot and now you have a cross knot on the joint

Step 9: Continue

  • Continue all along and tie the pink crosses with a cross knot. Please see above pictures for reference
  • Take care not to tie the peach colored joint with the knot. Once you completed cross knots on all pink joints finish with tying a knot at the end point and trim excess yarn

The last two pictures show the finished portion of top and bottom of mat at this stage

Step 10: Tying the Peach Joints With Cross Knots

  • Now we will start tying the peach colored joints with pink colored yarn
  • Start from one end and tie a knot with pink colored yarn
  • Once again do a cross knot as explained in steps above all along the pink colored yarn joints
  • After finishing, tie a knot and trim excess yarn

The last two pictures show the top and bottom of the mat after completing this step

Step 11: Cut and Make Pom Poms

  • If you look through the warp, you can see the two layers, the bottom one with peach colored yarn and the top with mixed peach and pink colored yarns
  • Now we will cut the top layer midway through the joint at all places of pink joint.
  • Use a pair of scissors and insert through the top and bottom layers and cut only the lop layers with mixed colors. take care not to cut any yarn from the bottom layer. Please 3rd and 4th pictures for reference

After completing this step our pom pom mat will look like this in the last picture

Step 12: Cut and Remove Mat From Frame

  • As our pom pom mat is completed, we will remove it from the frame
  • Start cutting the yarn in between the nails from one end
  • Once you have freed the mat from all sides, take it out from the frame

Step 13: Trim Ends and Finish

  • After taking out from the frame, you may find uneven lengths of yarn protruding on all sides
  • Trim the yarn equally on all sides and finish
  • The second and third pictures show the top and bottom of finished mat. You can see the closeups of small pom poms at top and the geometric flower shapes at bottom in the last two pictures.

You can use this small pom pom mat for placing your mobile phone, car keys and jewelry on your table

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