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Introduction: How to Wheelie

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After seeing this you will be inspired to become a wheelie pro!

Step 1: Equipment

First of all you can apply this to any bike. but it is easier if you have gears, anything from a road bike to a mountain bike.

Step 2: Location

When you are learning to wheelie i would recommend doing it on a slight hill and then progressing to flat and downhills when you are confident

Step 3: Overview

These are the essential parts of a wheelie master these and you will be a wheelie king

1.Find right gear

2. Straight arms

3. Find balance point

4. Brake control

5. Practice, practice, Practice

Step 4: Find the Right Gear

Pedaling is how you sustain the wheelie. If you are in a gear that is to low, as you pick up speed you will max out which means your feet won't be able to keep up with the wheel therefore making your front wheel drop down. So being able to find a gear that you can easily start the wheelie, and still keep the front wheel up is essential and can take some time.

Step 5: Straight Arms and Lean Back

Once you can get the front wheel up, whether or not you can hold it there or not this tip will help you.


If you do not do this you will shift your centre of gravity further towards the front wheel therefore making it more likely for you to drop your front wheel. But by keeping your arms straight and leaning back you will keep your weight over the back wheel making it less likely that your front wheel will go down. Also with your arms straight you will have a consistent reference to the balance point.

Step 6: Finding the Balance Point

This is the most important step.


This will enable you to know when to pedal harder or apply some brake. The balance point is somewhere just in front of the centre of the back wheel but not too far back because you will loop out which can be dangerous at high speeds but before that happens you should apply the brakes to bring your front wheel down.

Step 7: Brake Control

Another very important skill for the wheelie is brake control. It will will enable you to you save yourself from looping out. It will be easier if you have brakes you can modulate well like hydraulic brakes. also with hydraulic brakes you can use one finger to easily bring yourself down when not comfortable.

Step 8: Practice, Practice, Practice

All you need now is time. Time and lots of persistence it may take you a few hours it may take days or weeks or months but eventually you will be able to wheelie like a pro. And once you have mastered this trick you can show off to your friends and everyone that sees you.

And most of all,

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Step 9: Progression

After you can go in a straight line easily you can progress to turning corners. this will enable you to ride to places while wheeling the whole way.

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    Vsevolod Korolev
    Vsevolod Korolev

    Tip 2 years ago on Step 4

    The most effective gear ratio is 1:1. It allows an equal gear ratio between the cranks and the rear hub.