How to Whittle a Wooden Spoon, Only Handtools

About: im 17 and i have a vast passion for making and have to keep busy with loads projects and love the outdoors and want to be a prop maker/ set maker

today in this video I'm going to show you how to carve a spoon only using handtools before we get started please take the time to subscribe to my channel as even one extra subscriber helps with my college course, check out my channel here .

let's talk about materials, you really can use any type of timber you want, it just affects how easy it is to carve, I recommend pine construction timber with you just want to get used to the tools, then you can buy a nice piece of lime wood which carves beautifully with little tear out, (this is not from the fruit tree


  1. knives, i recommend a mora fixed blade knife and a opinel these are both are great budget knife all under £10
  2. mora crook knife
  3. optional gouge chisel
  4. various saws
  5. rasps
  6. sandpaper

hope you like the vid, and remember where your fingers are at all times!!!



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