How to Whittle the Avengers Symbol

Hey guys, my brother made this, and he wanted to post it here for you. He wrote the whole instructable on his own and thought it was worth featuring. He likes to go by Cool%.


Okay guys what's up Cool% here lets get started.

your going to need:

A rectangular wooden board about half an inch thick

2 U-shaped whittling knives (shown when needed)

A Ruler

2 lids (about 1 cm difference)

Fiber cloth

A Pencil

A Large eraser

A Black fine point sharpie or a burning kit

A Mouse sander

extra sandpaper

Step 1: Draw It Out

I put the original photo I drew off in here to help you out. If you aren't a good artist you can always use the lids or something round and the ruler (have the eraser near bye so you can fix any mistakes)

Step 2: Carving

Before you carve, you need the right tool. For the circle I used a 5 mm wide U-shaped whittling knife. And for the "A" I used a 4 mm wide U-shaped knife. You can do this in whichever order you'd prefer. Or you can just use the same knife all the way through. When you whittle, try to eliminate all the pencil marks.

(this is Chilidog: I just wanted to point out Cool%'s awesome photography in that first picture. Look at that! It looks almost professional!)

Step 3: Sanding

Let me guess you probably got a couple of rough spots when you carved. Don't feel guilty! its really natural and it won't mess up the finished product. all you need to do is sand. That's it grab the sand paper and fix those rough spots. If the edges are splintery: get out the mouse sander and sand away.

Step 4: Sharpie or Burn

It doesn't matter both will look good. Chilidog said it would look cooler if I used the burning kit. So now i'm giving you that option. If you do burn it PLEASE WEAR THICK GLOVES!!!! I do not want to be responsible for any injuries. For all that matter I don't take responsibility for any injuries no matter how tough you are (Chilidog: he's trying to copy me)! or you can just be like me and do it with a sharpie.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy your Avengers symbol!!!!

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