How to Win Instructables Contests

Introduction: How to Win Instructables Contests

OK, so this is my first Instructable, so you're probably wondering how I would know how to win a contest.Well, I've been on this site for a while, reading, making, and learning(gasp!). I think this makes me at least a little qualified to write this 'ible, so here goes nothing...

By the way, I'm not sure how I would have pictures in this so if you have any ideas comment please. Thanks! However I need a picture so, meet Tux:

Step 1: First Things First...

To have a good chance at being a finalist and maybe winning, you should make your 'ible about something new, exciting, creative, fun, cool, or explosive(maybe not). Or you could have a revamped version of something else you've seen, but make sure it's different enough that if someone made both, they would think that yours is clearly better for their needs. For example, I've seen many duct tape wallets, but only a few of them are unique. That's why those ones have a better chance at winning an imaginary duct tape contest.

Step 2: Explanations, Explanations, Explanations!!!

Without explanations, all your viewers are going to have are a bunch of random pictures, that for all they know are baby pictures of your computer(that probably doesn't make sense to you. In my twisted, crazy mind, a computer is a grown up joule thief). In fact, without words all this 'ible would be is like the next step.

Step 3:

Step 4: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words...

Another important thing is to have plenty of pictures detailing how you did your steps. Without these, no one will know how to make your thingamajig. Also, make sure that they're clear, and not too blurry or else they're not much better than having no pictures, now are they? And make sure the pictures are in bright enough light and can be seen clearly, and take the pictures yourself, or make sure you can use the pictures legally with permission from the owner.

Step 5: Anything I Missed?

I'm really tired now so if there's anything i missed, comment. If I'm wrong about anything, comment. If you like this 'ible, comment. If you're lonely, comment. Get it?

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