How to Win a Game of League of Legends As the Jungler?

Introduction: How to Win a Game of League of Legends As the Jungler?

League of Legends is a complex strategy game where the overall goal is the beat the enemy team by destroying their nexus inside their base. There are five different roles in this game, which are Top, Jungle, Mid, Marksman, and Support. This guide is going to teach you how to win games playing as the Jungle Role. This will take practice and isn't going to guarantee a win every time, but if you follow this guide you'll be fulfilling your role as a jungler.

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Step 1: Open Up League of Legends and Find a Jungling Champion That Fits Your Play Style and Stick With Them.

There are over a hundred champions in League of Legends that all can be played differently. It's crucial to find a champion that fits the way you like to play in order to optimize your success in the game. It may take a few games to figure out which champion is right for you, but you'll know you've found the right one when playing that champion feels fluid and when you don't have to change the way you play in order to be successful on the champion.

Step 2: Start a Game and Pick the Champion of Your Choice, Making Sure to Communicate Your Intentions With Your Teammates.

You can't win a game if you don't get in one, so start a game and pick the champion you chose from step 1. It's essential that you communicate what you are trying to do with your teammates, so that there is no confusion on who's going what role. You can't really mess this step up, so as long as you pick your champion and tell your team what role you are going then you've done it right.

Step 3: Once You're in the Game Buy the Recommended Starting Items and Head to Your Teams Bottom Side Buff.

Once you load into your game you need to buy the recommended items from the store and then head to your teams bottom side buff, which is indicated in the map above. The starting items will give you bonus stats so you are able to kill jungle monsters, gaining experience points and gold. You go to the bottom side buff because in most games that is going to be where you will want to start killing monster camps. You'll know you've bought your items correctly when the items are shown in your inventory at the bottom of the store and you'll know you've gone to the correct monster camp when your location on the mini map matches the location marked in the map above.

Step 4: Until the First Monster Camp Spawns, Watch for the Enemy Team Trying to Invade Your Jungle in Order to Kill You While Your Guard Is Down.

In some games the enemy team might try to invade your jungle in order to kill you or your teammates while you aren't paying attention. Until your buff spawns wait in a bush and watch for the enemy team moving through your jungle, so you'll be ready to run if you see them. You'll know you've done this right when you don't end up dying to the enemy team before the game has officially started.

Step 5: Kill Jungle Monsters Throughout the Jungle.

Once your first buff spawns you want to kill it and other monster camps throughout the jungle in order to gain gold for buying new items and experience points for leveling up, which will let you unlock new abilities. You'll know you've done this correctly when you see your gold increasing and you unlock the options to learn new abilities.

Step 6: You Need to Apply Pressure on the Map by Assisting Your Teammates in Killing Their Opponents.(This Is Called Ganking)

After you've gained some gold and experience you need to gank lanes in order to apply pressure to the enemy team. Ultimately, your goal in ganking is to help your teammate kill their enemy, so your team can gain a lead over the enemy team. You will know you are doing this correctly when you start to notice that your teammates no longer need help in order to kill their enemy.

Step 7: Applying Pressure by Counter-jungling

The next step to boosting your lead while getting the enemy team even more behind is to counter-jungle, which is invading the enemy teams jungle in order to take their jungle camps from the enemy Jungles. By taking their jungle camps you are gaining gold, but at the same time you are denying enemy jungler gold because he no longer has camps to kill in order to gain gold.You'll know you've done this right when you fight the enemy jungler and you notice that you are a lot stronger than them.

Step 8: Win Team Fights.

A team fight is when your entire team battles the entire enemy team. By winning a team fight you are able to get dragons and destroy towers, which increase your power and give you gold. You'll know you've team fought correctly if at the end of the fight your team has more members standing than the enemy team, if they have any standing at all.

Step 9: Help Your Team Destroy Enemy Towers.

Once you gain a lead against the enemy team you need to do something with that lead to win the game. Destroy enemy towers, so that you can get closer to their base and destroy there nexus. You'll know you've done this right when the tower disappears and you get a notification saying an enemy tower has been destroyed.

Step 10: Destroy the Enemy Nexus and Win the Game.

Once you've destroyed all the towers surrounding the enemy nexus you need to kill the enemy team and destroy their nexus to win the game. The nexus can't be damaged until all towers around it have been destroyed, so once you destroy the towers surrounding it you can then win the game. You'll know you've done this right when you see a victory icon in the middle of your screen.

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