How to Win at Life!

Introduction: How to Win at Life!

This is a guide of how to influence people and make a good impression!

Step 1: Always Be the Smartest Man in the Room

Always be observant

know the most secrets

Always be prepared to Bargain or blackmail

Step 2: Always Remember That a Friend Is Also a Possible Enemy

Its a nice thought to think friends will never betray you and the people you trust will always have your back. However this is sadly not the case and people will often work in self-interest despite the previous relationship you might have had with them. While friends are an asset, they are as well a possible detriment. Any person can be corrupted no matter how much of a saint you believe them to be.

"The safest person is the one with the least motive to hurt you"

Step 3: Always Keep Any Secrets You Are Given

Nobody likes a snitch. Keep the secrets to your grave. If they are not skeletons from your closet directly, don't share them with the world. However, one might argue its acceptable to break this rule if the person whos skeletons you have, just pushed you own out of the closet. In which case pull out as much dirt as you can on the person.

Step 4: Always Have the Most Friends/be the Most Popular Freind

Humans work on a hierarchy and some friends are liked more than other. If you are in a fight with someone the person who wins is the one either with the most friends/connections or else the person who is most liked. If Tommy is best friends with Jerry and casual friends with John he is going to side with Jerry no matter what. So make sure you are the most liked person. Know your popularity, know where you get the most favor, and know when to back down.

Step 5: Always Listen First/Speak Later

Remember that other people's opinion is more important. By listening to people more than you talk about yourself you make them feel as though you care about them. They feel you value them as a person and are not self-centered. This makes you instantly more likable. As well as that talking less about yourself and being friendly to other means they know less about you and you have most of the cards in your hand.

Step 6: Ego Is Important and So Is Reputation

While a lot of people say "Oh well it does not matter what people think, do what you want" we in fact have to deal with other humans. Which means we have to be able to navigate around other people in an effective manner in order not to get in trouble. So we do have to understand how others behave, think, interact with each other. Everyone has an Ego(This is how they view themselves) and everyone has a reputation(How others see you). A person's Ego motivates most of what they do in life. Recognize these things and use it to your advantage.

Step 7: Be There for the Bad Times and They Will Remember You More Then If You Are Only There for the Good Ones

People will remember you if you are here in their time of need more then you just being there for the good. Also even if you are never there for the good times, being there for the bad time will create a greater bond since you were there for them.

Step 8: Don't Lie, But Don't Give It All Away Up Front

You can not tell the truth but not lie either. Always be honest in what you say but know when its better to keep things hidden. Things like Half truths are ways to give another perception without really lying. Meaning you can keep things to yourself without really being a liar.

Step 9: Make Friends With Anyone in Charge

This means anyone with Authority, superiors, or any person with more power than you. This is always a good move.

Step 10: Have Your Dignity

While appealing to others is important always have your dignity. People will respect you more for it.

Step 11: Know When Its Smart to Challenge

Sometimes you need to run, sometimes you need to fight, sometimes the battle is meaningless and you need to walk away. Learn the difference between the three and how to react to it.

Step 12: Never Get Into a Game of Wits Just for Kicks

While you think you are ever so clever and can outwit someone never do it for kicks. A Person who challenges you to a game of wit and manipulation of others is luring you into a dangerous game. One that can ruin lives, relationships, and social order. If they trap you in it just play long enough to get out but don't ever jump into it if you really don't need to do so.

Step 13: Effective Leader

Aggression beats assertive but assertive makes more freinds. Passive, however, can only follow and loses to assertive.

Step 14: Vanity and Arrogance

Having a little bit of Vanity is not necessarily bad and people should take pride in their appearance. However having Arrogance is never a positive trait and pushes people away. Vanity has the ability to make a person appear more colorful and showy. Taking pride in your appearance to other is a good way to manage reputation. Treating everyone like they are beneath you and should kiss your feet will put most people off.

Step 15: Stay Loyal Always

Always stay loyal.

Step 16: Be Self Sufficient

It is a nice luxury to believe that there will always be someone to lift you a helping hand but this will not be the case all the time. For this reason, you must learn to always be able to do things on your own no matter what it might be. This will help you survive if say you are left without resources.

*Identify threats

*Gather things you ned

*learn to pay bills, feed yourself, cook, clean, taxes

*Be your own emotional support

Step 17: Always Stick to the Plan

If you go in with a plan, finish the plan. It does not matter if it seems to be falling apart half way through a lot of times even with a snag, that plan is a lot more successful then running in blind. Modification of a plan is one thing but don't make a plan and scrap it once things look hard.

Step 18: Cover Your Tracks

Never leave a paper trail/Digital/written or otherwise. Never write it down where it can be seen later. This is evidence and can be used against you later. Unless for example, you are making a contract delete, erase, burn, shred traces of anything that can be used against you. There is always someone who will find this information helpful in screwing you over. If you have no tracks, you have deniability and so you will always have room to claim innocence.

Step 19: Third Person Rule

Only give out YOUR OWN secrets through a third party system. Now I will explain what this means.


If you tell your secret to Sarah and John wants to know your secret. The correct thing to do is tell John to go and ask Sarah. This means you have room to deny it if any outside parties want to know your secrets. Never tell your secret to too many people.

Another Rule:

Never tell people your secret directly. If you do not directly confirm it but indirectly confirm it there is less evidence you did anything, to begin with. People who view this information also might not be sure of what you are talking about. So always be Cryptic.


Tommy: Did you do it Jerry?

You:Oh, so you figured it out, did you?

Tommy: Of course I did. Why did you do that?

You:Please don't tell anyone

Tommy: I am not going to tell anyone, but you can't be doing this anymore

Step 20: Spin Anything Into a Positive

Turn anything said into a positive. That means for you, about you, about others. Anything said spin it into a positive light. This will make you seem more positive and likable.


Women: But I am old You:But that also means you are wise
Women: But I am old You:You are too pretty to be old Girl: I sure you say that to all the women You:Naw, I tend to be very picky, it just means you are a special kind of woman

Step 21: Fake It Till You Make It

This idea is a very good one. If you don't have everything together just keep acting like you do. Now this does not mean go diffuse a bomb if you don't have any idea how. However carry yourself as though you have everything together and you don't have a care in the world. This makes you seem more confident and put together and people will admire you for it. Don't show your weaknesses.

Step 22: Always Be Polite

Yes in school and as a child your parents always told you why being polite is important. Well, it still is. It might not seem like everyone is doing so but you being polite will make you stick out. Even if most people are rude, chances are someone important will notice you for sticking out from the crowd in a positive manner. As well as those manners seems to be something so few people have these days that many people find it incredibly endearing.

Step 23: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

People like to be made to feel they are special and like being complimented. When someone is going through a rough time always be on their side no matter what. If someone says bad things about themselves tell them why they have positive aspects. Compliments and flattery will get you a far way.

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