How to Wire Wrap a Sun Pendant




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This instructable shows you how to make a sun pendant. Inspired by OxanaCrafts.


20 gauge wire (square or round)

28 gauge wire (round)

Chain nose pliers

Round nose pliers (optional)

A stone (mine was about an inch)

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Step 1: Measurements

Draw around your cabochon to measure the circumference. Draw three lines going inward from the outer circle about 1 mm apart to represent the wires. Use a string to measure around the circumference of the stone. Add 8 cm to the measurement for errors and a bail. These will be the lengths of your wire.

Step 2: Cut Your Lengths of Wire

Measure your wire (the length of the sum) and cut 4 pieces of wire the same length.

Step 3: Wire Weave

Take 28 gauge wire and three of the wires and wrap in a triangular pattern – around the bottom wire, around the bottom two wires, around all three wires. Occasionally squish down the wires with your chain nose pliers and squish them together. Keep the tail from the beginning. (note: you can wire weave with more wires -- just cut one extra length of wire -- but I wouldn't recommend weaving with less than three.)

Step 4: Loop De Loops

Every ¼ of the length of your stone and when the wire is at the top of the triangle, take two fingers and wrap around them. (If the wire is not at the top of the triangle when you’re at ¼ the length, wrap less, not more. Better to have less wrapped than more, otherwise the stone will fall out the bottom.) Flatten out the loop you made so it makes a straight line.

Step 5: Keep Wrapping

Wrap for the length of the innermost circle that you drew.

Step 6: Circle Time!

Form the wires into a circle. Take the end of the circle wires and tuck them under the pendant. Squish them down with your pliers to make sure they don't catch on anything. Trim the wires you just tucked so they barely make it around the frame wires.

Step 7: Fourth Piece of Wire

Take the fourth piece of wire and make a small loop with it that’s smaller than the stone. Wrap the end of the fourth piece of wire around itself.

Step 8: Bending the Wire

Put the stone in and put the fourth piece of wire on the back. Bend the fourth piece of wire into shape so it’s nestled right along the bail.

Step 9: Bail

Wrap the bail, making sure to include the fourth piece of wire. Wrap around the bottom two wires three times, around the middle two wires three times, around the top two wires three times, around the middle two wires three times, and around the bottom two wires three times. Then repeat. Cut the tail long.

Step 10: Tails

Put the stone in and wrap the little tails of wire (including the beginning tail from earlier) around the fourth piece of wire. This part is inspired by Oxanacrafts.

Step 11: Bail (again)

Bend the bail around a round object or your finger.

Step 12: Loop De Loops (again)

Make loops at the end of the bail, wrapping the loops around the fourth piece of wire. Wrap the tail of the bail around the fourth piece of wire as well.

Step 13: Securing the Stone

If the stone is still not secure, make a little divot in the pendant and tie an extra piece of wire around the fourth wire and the pendant. You're done!

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