How to Wire a Stereo Harness

In this instructable I'll show you how to wire a Stereo Harness and Harness Adapter needed for replacing a vehicle's stereo/cd player.

You'll Need:

A wire stripper/crimper
Male/Female Crimp Connectors
Stereo Harness (end that plugs into stereo)
Harness Adapter (plugs into vehicles wiring harness, these should be matched to your vehicle as they vary between models)

Step 1: Attach Connectors to Stereo Harness

I start off by crimping the female connectors onto the stereo harness wires.  One for each wire.

Step 2: Attach Connectors to Harness Adapter.

Then I crimp the male connectors onto every wire of the Harness Adapter.

Step 3: Connect the Two Pieces.

Now simply connect each wire to it's counterpart by matching the colors of the wire.  Depending on your vehicles setup, you may have a few extra wires that do not connect.  Check all your product documentation to make sure your not missing something important.  Once you have all the wire connected the newly adapted harness is ready to be installed in your vehicle.



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    I'm not really sure which part of the stereo this is from, do you have any more pictures?