How to Work Your Casio F-91W Watch

Introduction: How to Work Your Casio F-91W Watch

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in this instructble i will show u how to work your casio f-91w sport watch

Step 1: Millitary Time

to change your watch from 12hr to 24HR press the right bottom button 1 time for 1-2 seconds

Step 2: To Use Your Light on Your Watch Press and Hold Till Your Done With Light the Top Left Button

Step 3: Switching Mode

to switch from alarm to regular to stopwatch press the bottom left button to get to alarm press it again to get to stop watch

Step 4: Stopwatch

when u get to stop watch press bottom right to start and to stop to delete it press the (light button) top left and press bottom left to get back to regular mode thanks hope enjoy your casio sport watch please leave reiviews and comments (good or bad) thanks S15/Anntenna guy(oh yeah this watch is water resident so u can wear it in pools and stuff

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