How to Wrap Your Face Like a Ninja Using a Shirt

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You can't be a ninja unless you have that awesome head thingy!!!
I couldn't find one on Instructibles, so I decided to make my own. This is my first 'ible, so as everyone says, please bear with me.

Step 1: The"Face Hole"

Pull the shirt over your head (like you would normally put on a shirt) but don't stick your head all the way through the "head part". Instead, place the opening over your face.

Step 2: Eye Slits and Wrapping (tying) It All Up.

Now that your face is in the "Face Hole", pull the sleeves apart and tie them together at the back of your head. This step is MUCH easier to do with a long sleeve, (especially if your head is on the larger side, like mine).

Step 3: Variations and Conclusion

Thats pretty much it! You will have extra "baggage" around your temples. You can leave it, or you can take the excess cloth (on your temples) and tuck it into the eye slits (picture 3).
You can play around with this "mask" by sliding the head covering off, or lowering the bottom half (pictures 5 and 6).
This is a good substitute balaclaca or scarf in the winter.

Now grab your katana and fight off that pretend band of pirates!!!



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