How to Wrap a Classy Package

Introduction: How to Wrap a Classy Package

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Long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in college the first time, I had a roommate who, as soon as school was out for Christmas, would rush home to a big city in the east, to her Christmas season job.  She worked in a big department store wrapping presents.  She was paid minimum wage, but she did such a good job that she paid her next semesters tuition on the tips she earned.  Not Bad.  We, her roommates begged her to teach us what she did.  So here are the rules to making an average package look great.  Let’s get started.

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Step 1:

Wrapping paper (or any kind of paper)
A box to wrap (use a box whenever possible)

Step 2:

First, color co-ordinate your paper with the ribbon.  You can use any paper you like, but buy ribbon that will compliment one or more of the colors in the paper.  Here we have white and blue paper with white ribbon.  FYI this paper is recyclable.

Step 3:

Second, take the time to cut the paper to fit the box.  Have the paper overlap by about 4 inches when it meets in the center, and cut the ends so that when they are folded in they will lie smooth.

Step 4:

Third, never tape down a raw edge (one cut by the scissors).  Every edge that gets taped down and exposed to public view needs to be a folded down edge.  This step alone will make your package look classy.

Step 5:

Fourth, embellish your package.  If you were my Hubby, the package would be wrapped (no edges folded under), he would write a name on it with his pen and then stick it under the tree.  Better yet, he would hand me the gift in the paper bag in came in.  I, on the other hand need the ribbon, with the bow, to be there or it just isn’t complete.

Step 6:

Here I will show you two simple ways to add ribbon to your package.

#1:  With some wide ribbon, tape the one edge on the top of the package in the upper left hand corner.  Wrap the ribbon, down and around the bottom of the lower left hand corner, then up over the lower right hand corner and down under the upper right hand corner and the have the ribbon meet where it started.  Tape the end down and cut it.  Now you can put a premade bow over the taped edges, or you can came a florist bow (see my Instructable on how to make one here and tape it in the upper left hand corner.  Done!

Step 7:

#2:  Use curling ribbon.  I like curling ribbon because it is inexpensive and comes in a
plethora of colors. It’s easy to match the ribbon to the paper.  First, on the top of the package, hold the end of the ribbon, and wrap it under the package coming up on the other side.  Twist it around the end you are holding, (90°) and again, wrap it down around the bottom of the package back up to the top.   Cut the end of the ribbon and tie the two ends in a knot (you may need to twist the two ends around each other, to make a tight knot).

Step 8:

Roll about 6 yards of curling ribbon off the roll.  Hold the ribbon between your thumb and the cutting edge of the scissors, with the curling surface of the ribbon facing down.  Pull the end of the ribbon, keeping tension tight between your thumb and the scissors.  If it isn’t curly enough for you, repeat, for that section.  Move on to the next section and repeat until all the ribbon is curled.  Gather all the ribbon into a ball, lay it on top of the package. 

Step 9:

Make a judgment call and decide it you need to do more ribbon (I added 6 more yards). 

Step 10:

When you have enough curled ribbon, tie the free ends into a knot in the middle of the ball of ribbon. 

Step 11:

Curl the free ends.  Fluff.  Done again!

Hope you learned a few things.  Don’t feel over whelmed, do one package at a time.  Practice does make perfect.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yes, did she teach you more methods? I hope you plan on sharing!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    There are loads of ways to embellish your package. I just don't have the time to add any more right now. Maybe I can get them done in time for next
    Christmas. Thanks.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Another thing is balancing and color I have trouble with. Some people really can put something together that way. I am slowly learning though.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I know how to embellish it is the wrapping of the paper I hate to do. I always have my husband do that part. I have trouble wrapping circles and stuff like that as well. It looks OK yes but Professionals can really do it super. Maybe after the holidays you might think about sharing more about wrapping. I was actually afraid Scooch would not accept my entry. She did though. Have a super Christmas! Sunshiine


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sunshiine thanks you so much for thinking of her. You need to go see my page on how I skated out by doing some wrapping without wrapping! Too bad I did not see this first! Thanks so much for sharing and thinking of me. Have a splendorous day on me! Sunshiine