How to Wrap a Small, Irregular Shaped Objects

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I have been done with wrapping gifts for several weeks now, and I always come up with a little something extra a day or two before Christmas.  This time I decided to add a small stocking stuffer type gift for my children and their spouses.  My Hubby and I decided to introduce our son and sons-in-law to Sugru.  So I needed to wrap 4 small packages of Sugru and copies of the instruction booklet (small irregular shaped objects) that came with it.  I settled on using empty toilet paper rolls (you know the ones that are in the center of the roll of TP).
So here we go.

Step 1:

Empty toilet paper roll (raid your recycle bin)
Wrapping paper (your choice)
Curing ribbon (coordinate with paper)

Step 2:

Cut the wrapping paper to go around the tube with at least a 2 inch overlap, with 3 or 4 inches extending from each end.

Put the small irregular shaped objects into the center of the tube.

Step 3:

Fold down one edge of the paper.  Wrap the paper around the tube and tape the folded edge down.

Step 4:

Now grab one end of the roll and gently twist it together, wrapping a piece of tape around it to hold it together.  Repeat on the other end.

Step 5:

Cut a 6+/- inch piece of curling ribbon and tie it around the end you taped.  Repeat with the other end.  Curl the curling ribbon.

Step 6:

Add a tag and you are done.  Lovely!



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