How to Write Chinese!!!





Introduction: How to Write Chinese!!!

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In this instructable you will learn how to write a bit of Chinese.


The history of chinese characters is that it started as PICTOGRAPHS. It still is based on pictographs, but not all of them. They evolved to here. For example, the "tree" and "forest" characters are a like and look like simple trees. I really used a sharpie to write all of this, but if I were a true chinese boy (which I am) I would have done it in ink and a brush or a caligraphic pen. There are 3,000-4,000 chinese characters in modern day. How do they search the internet I don't know (pretty big keybaord then). These aren't serious



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    4 years ago

    Maybe you can try simplified Chinese characters for a start,

    Pretty good, great for a person that isn't chinese ^.^ ur great its just that......the tree is wod and the graceful chinese character is upside down ^.^' learn more!!! I look forward to seeing more chinese characters from you! ^.^

    I am a high school student in china. now I live in Anhui Province.
    I have to say your calligraphy is very beautiful. But you should make further efforts.
    There are many versions of Chinese calligraphy. Such as regular script, running script, cursive. They all have their own characteristics,so Rome was not built in a day.
    I hope you can stick to your own preferences .
    If you need any help ,you can send message to me .I am glad to help you .

    I really don't know what your talking about. These are characters I learned, but I didn't learn any more for some reason.

    Awesome-sauce! :D I am going to learn French! EEEEeeee! *squeals with excitement*

    wow! you must have a better school than me cuz they don't teach us stuff like that. good for you1 :D

    No, actually, i have a school that doesn't offer the best ecucation! I will be learning French through the computer, I have a class thing for it! And Pig Latin is just a fun way to speak English!