How to Write a Haiku

Introduction: How to Write a Haiku

So, today I really want to show the world that writing can express great feelings. I know, I know, you don't even WANT to think about writing. Just give me a chance. Maybe you will fall in love with writing a simple little poem, which is what we will be doing. Here's an example...


Get your supplies: you will need...

•great ideas!

Step 2: Get Started

Haikus are normally about nature... So get outside and start brainstorming! Haikus are written in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Here's one I wrote. Make sure to count the number of syllables!

Short and stumpy legs
they have shells to protect them
Slow and steady wins

Step 3: See...

See... Not so hard is it! So get out there and write to your hearts content!



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    I like that haiku too!

    Ur haiku is soooo cool

    Great introduction to haikus. Here is one of my favorites.

    Haikus are easy.

    But they don't always make sense.