How to Write a Professional Resume

Introduction: How to Write a Professional Resume

There are a massive number of students who graduate each year. Those students need to have a resume for their interesting careers. Since a resume is one of the primary elements to apply for a job, it must be a strong and honest writing about your history. Most of the students are not familiar with writing a resume,so we decided to show and guide them on how to write a professional resume. Also, our resume can be used for people who are already an employee and looking for a new position.

A resume is a way to introduce yourself, show experience, level of degree , education, and achievement in order to apply for a job. Mostly when people apply for jobs, they require to have a resume that provides information on their experience and history. A resume needs to be honest, expressive, and comprehensive of all experiences and information in detail. The resume must also be clear and professionally to the reader. Missing one of the necessary aspects can cost you losing your job and show the reader that you are unprofessional and not fit for the job. However, writing a resume takes time and thought. A resume requires a certain setup and format. There are many different ways to write a resume but our instructions will help you create a professional resume that you may use to begin applying for jobs within your field of work. Follow the next steps wisely and carefully for your resume.

Step 1: Step 1 (Contact Information):

To begin your resume, you will fill out the very top of the resume with your personal information. Following the outline that is provided insert the necessary components with up to date and accurate information. Use only information that can aid the employer in contacting you via phone, mail, or internet. Do not include any unprofessional information such as old unprofessional emails.

● Include name (First name followed by last name)

● Street address (Full address)

● Email (Professional email or school email)

● Phone number (Personal such as cell phone number)

You may also want to include a work phone number if you have one. Including a work phone will provide more options for the employer to reach you.

See the picture below to write your contact information.

Step 2: Step 2 (Summary):

Introduce yourself to the reader in a one paragraph summary, be sure to only include information relevant to the job you are applying for. Make this summary short and to the point, do not include unnecessary information. Include any information you believe is important without making the summary to long. Only include information that will help you to get the job you are applying for.

● Include what the job that you are applying for is and the specific job title

● Include the things you would like to get out of the job including goals and future plans.

● Include why you would be a good fit for the job

● This part of the resume should also include the reasoning for wanting the job and explain your expectations.

Step 3: Step 3 (Work Experience):

You will want to list out all the jobs you have previously had. Include all professional jobs and jobs that provide a good experience to you. Follow the format given on the outline and enter the following information:

● Your job title while working there

● The location of the former workplace

● Under a bullet point add your job description and responsibilities

○ A job description would include information about what you did for the job and what were your responsibilities.

Repeat this step for each separate former job.

Step 4: Step 4 (Education History):

Add your education history to the resume. Education history includes High school, College, and graduate school. Do not include elementary school information in your resume. In order to include this information within the resume you want to fill in the outline with only necessary information.

● Name of school attended (Full name no abbreviations)

● Degree or diploma achieved at the school (spelled out no abbreviations)

● Years in which you attended the school

● Any achievements or awards given by the school (Such as sorority or honors awards)

Include all awards and achievements obtained during schooling. If no awards or achievements obtained exclude that bullet point from this section.

Step 5: Step 5 (Skills):

● Add your special skills, you must have at least one skill that makes you different than others. So, adding these skills should help you create a better resume. List these skills out in a bulleted list. Only positive skills and attributes should be included. You don't want to list your negative skills because it affects you for having the job.

● Note that It's better to be creative writing for this point. You want to show them that you are kind, hard worker, smart, respectful, good communication, special and etc.

Step 6: Step 6 (References):

In this section of the resume you would want to include any/all references that you may have. References include former teachers that can provide a letter of recognition. If you do not have any references this section may be excluded from your resume. It is advised to incorporate a reference list but it is not required for a resume. The reference list should include:

● Person's name

● Profession (Be specific such as when it is a teacher include what they teach)

● Where they work (Full name of company or school)

● Street address for that job

Step 7: Step 7 (Edit):

Check for any mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, and format. Make sure that everything you want to include is on your resume. Any important things should be included on your resume. It is advised that you have someone else revise your resume to ensure no mistakes were made

Step 8: Sample of Resume

Jane Doe

Street Address

City, State, Zip (717)123-5555


I am applying for a registered nursing position in the emergency department. I have finished nursing school and passed my NCLEX exam. I am a registered nurse in the state of pennsylvania and would like to apply for this position because I believe I could be an asset to your hospital and department.

Work Experience

School store

443 Country Club road, York, PA 17403


● Stocked books on the shelves, put clothing away in the store and ran the cash register. The job required me to follow directions and be responsible for the cleanliness and tightness of the store


York College of Pennsylvania

Bachelors of Science and Nursing


Nursing National Honors Society


Skills and Attributes

● Organized

● Responsible

● Clean

● Hard working

● Good at working with others

● good communication


Elizabeth Hodgson

Professor of Anatomy and physiology

York College of Pennsylvania

443 Country Club road, York, PA 17403

Step 9: Conclusion

In conclusion, it should be evident that by following these steps above, it will guide you to create a professional resume for your future career. Writing a resume is important to your career because it shows the employer that you have the ability to work for them. The employer wants to see that you look professional and have a good life experience. So, be creative and focused in every individual word that you write in order to win the job. We hope that the instruction to write a resume were easy and clear for you to follow. Also we provided an example of a resume in order to show you how it looks and to make it clear and more easier for you to write. Your resume should be ready after you have completed step number 7 and you can deliver or take it with you to the meetings. In addition, when you are done writing your resume it's better to find someone that can help you correct your mistakes because you want your resume to look better.

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    Lots of good tips, first impressions are important :)