How to Write a Story?

This intractable will give you all the details and steps on how to write a good story. I really enjoy writing stories and I want to help you if you are not sure what to write about.Here you will find out all the gossip and secrets on writing a story and even if you don't like writing stories I will definitely change your mind! In the end you might become a bestselling author like Suzanne Collins...

I hope you enjoy...

Step 1: What You Will Need!

Here is everything that you will need to write a story:

1 notebook and/or lined paper

1 pen or pencil

A few coloured pens

Now you are ready to go...

Step 2: Create the Characters

The best way to create the characters is to make a list of names that you like and want to name your character. Then cross out all the names that you don't want to use and write your final idea down. Follow the same process with the characteristics of the character. Then you should be ready for the next step!

Step 3: Plan What Will Happen in Your Story

Draw a mountain like shape onto your paper. The bottom is the start, the top is the climax and the other bottom is the end. Draw lines down from where you want to write what will happen in your story and make it look neat and obvious so that it won't be muddled up and so that you will know what you wrote down.

Step 4: Expand Your Vocabulary

You may be using words like fine, good or bad but these are not very interesting words to use, so use a thesaurus to make your story more interesting. Words like 'good' can be transformed into amazing or great! This will make your story very intriguing.

Step 5: Finalise Your Story!

When you have done all the steps before this, start writing your first draft. Then you can make small notes at the bottom of the page for your final story.

Step 6: There You Have Your Story...

Now you can start writing your story and present it to people that would like to read it! Then you can get feedback from other people and improve your story even more.

Step 7: Thank You for Reading

I hope this instructable helped you and made you change your mind that you now love writing! I hope you enjoyed this! You might even become a best-selling author soon.



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    2 years ago

    Love yours Marie_K12. Go check out your BAEs.


    2 years ago

    Creative writing classes can also be a big help :)

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