How to Zombify Yourself (Using Pixlr)

This is how I made myself look like a zombie using Pixlr.  This was my first time ever using Pixlr, and I found that it was very intuitive and easy to use.

-Computer with a webcam or a picture of yourself already on it.

This instructable is made to be a guide only.  You don't have to follow what I do step for step or in the same order.  Feel free to personalize your image and experiment.  Please post your picture in the comments!

Step 1: Getting Started

First you are going to want to go to Pixlr (  Select Open Pixlr express (Efficient).  If you have a webcam, select webcam.  If not select browse and find your saved image.  Give the camera your best zombie face and select capture.  Then click use image.

Step 2: Making Yourself Green

Go to adjustment.  If your picture is fuzzy, select denoise and adjust until it isn't fuzzy anymore.  I denoised mine the whole way.  Then, still under adjustment, select color.  Mess around with the hue until it is a green you like and apply it.  You can also adjust the saturation until you find some sickly green you are happy with.

Step 3: Contorting Your Face

I chose to whiten my teeth to add more contrast.  Once you are done whitening, select liquify.  Push, pull , enlarge, and/or shrink to your hearts content.  I changed my eyes and nose.  I also cropped my image here.

Step 4: More Adjustments

I darkened my image here so that it would seem spookier.  Then I went to color splash.  I kept everything grey scale except for my face.  I also added the old background in order to make the image scarier.

Step 5: Final Touches

I added the arrrggh! sticker because I thought that its color went nicely with the image.  I also added some stain stickers to make me more zombie like.  I also added another zombie picture of me.  I hope that this guide was easy to follow.  Leave any questions or comments below.  Don't forget to post your pictures!



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