How to Add a Screw-on Jar Top to a Bag




Introduction: How to Add a Screw-on Jar Top to a Bag

I was inspired by the Copco Bag Cap to see if I could recycle a plastic jar into a DIY screw-on top for a bag of dry food.

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Step 1: "Ingredients"

1 bag of dry food. Thin non-resealable bags work best (think cereal bags). Note that I didn't have such a bag, so I used a small sugar bag.

1 plastic jar with a screw cap.

1 pair of shard scissors.

1 utility knife with a sharp blade and a punch/awl.

1 binder clip

~4 small wire ties


First, clean the jar ;-).

Step 2: Cut the Screw Top and Upper Flange of the Jar

1. Cut the jar in half with the knife. Watch your fingers.

2. Cut a notch out of the upper half of the jar with the scissors. Cut so the point of the notch falls at the edge of the flange.

3. Cut from the point of the notch around the edge of the flange with your scissors.

Step 3: Insert the Jar Top Into the Bag and Strap It Down.

1. Insert top into the bag

2. Cinch the bag to the edge of the flange.

3. Poke a hole through the bag right up against the flange with the punch.

4. Connect enough wire ties together to cinch the bag to the flange of the top.

5. Insert the strung together wire ties in the holes.

6. Cinch the bag really tightly to the flange.

7. Trim the edges of the bag down to the flange.

Step 4: Clamp the Remains of Bag Tightly

Fold over the remains of the top of the bag tightly and clamp with the binder clip.

Don't forget to recycle the remains of the plastic jar.

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I guess this would eliminate having a messy bag of sugar in the cabinet, but why not just use the jar we just cut the top out of?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, for a small bag of sugar, you are right, but the real targets for this instructable are large bags of loose dry goods - like cereal or rice. Unfortunately, I didn't have one of those bags handy :-P.