How to Add an LDD File to Your Instructable

So, when you click what looks like an awesome Lego Instructable you are then disappointed that they have no instructions to follow.

This can be changed, not every modeller needs photos instead they can upload a Lego file people can then download and use for instructions (yes, LDD has a "make instructions" feature).

More awesome Lego models are being uploaded on this site and even I get disappointed when they have nothing to follow.

So lets get started.

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Step 1:

All you need is LDD (Lego digital designer) and an imagination to use it.

Everything in LDD is self explanatory and it is easy as ever to use.

Once you have LDD downloaded go ahead and open it, when you have opened it you will be like "wow! I never knew these bricks existed!" (it has a lot of bricks I didn't even know were made!)

So you have made your model and saved it now you need to go to the containing file and name it something unique, (for this my model is called "manny").

So I have started editing my Instructable and realized I need the file loaded into step two so lets move on.

Step 2: File Time

When you want to add a LDD file you need to click the paperclip button near the "add step" button.

Next you will have to click where it says "upload file".

Then click "browse".

Then select your desired file and hit upload, wait until it says done and then look up on the top bar and you should see it.

After you have done that you will have to make sure it did it, click the "full preview" button near the "publish" button.

You will have to scroll down to the step where you inserted it and you should see the file there.

You are done!

Good job, the file I have attached is an 8-bit picture (in Lego) of a Lego man.

Please vote for me in the Lego contest, I so want to win the camera, I am currently using a HTC desire for photos and a camera would be so awesome.

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10 months ago

For me, there is no paperclip near the add file thing. Can someone help me understand this?


Reply 3 years ago

That's awesome!
Please post a link here when you finish it :D