How to Add Grip Tape to a Hurley




Introduction: How to Add Grip Tape to a Hurley

Hurling is an Irish stick and ball sport that has been played for at least 2000 years. It is often considered to be the fastest game on grass. 

I recently got a new hurley, the stick used to play hurling. It arrived with a plain ash handle so I decided to add some grip tape. This makes the grip a little bigger around and a lot easier for some folks to hang on to. Especially when the hurley gets wet. 

If you are curious about the sport itself there is a lot of information on the web. Just Google "hurling". You can start here at the wiki page. 

Step 1: The Grip Tape

If you don't live in Ireland, I live in San Francisco, you will either have to order hurling grip tape or use something else. 

I decided to just use tennis racket grip tape. It's not quite as durable as actual hurling grip tape but tennis racket grip tape is comfortable, available and even if it lasts half as long, cheaper than an international order for the real deal. As far as I can see it's pretty similar but I'm by no means a regular or avid player. 

So, just go with whichever brand you like. I chose Wilson grip tape and got Gamma over wrap I didn't end up needing. 

Step 2: Wrapping the Grip

You can pretty much just follow the directions on the back of the package. The only caveat would be that you need to wrap with a bit of tension on the tape so it seats well and isn't prone to move or "bubble". This actually is the same as a tennis or racket ball racket outside of the fact that the grip is longer and smaller diameter. 

The tape has a mild adhesive but it's not enough to hold it in place the way something like duct tape would. This means you need to wrap it tight and pay attention to how the tape overlaps. You also need to be sure and start and the end of the hurley rather than starting in the middle and working your way out. 

Step 3: Finishing

You'll need to add a small amount of PVC tape or something similar to keep the ends from coming apart. I just used some red UL listed electrical tape we had laying around. 

It only needs enough to hold the ends of the grip tape in place and add a clean look to the grip. You could use any color you like. 

I added a little tension to this tape as well but just a little. You could probably also use heat shrink tubing if you could find it that large. 

Step 4: Where to Get Your Own

If you want to give hurling a try you can get hurleys from Ollie Grace and Sons. Just hunt them down on the internet. They usually have some for sale on eBay or you can give them a call! 



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    22 Discussions

    I used handlebar tape for road bicycles. Can manage four hurleys for five dollars worth of tape.

    i dont play hurling (didnt even know what it was before i came to this ible)
    but i want to thank you for 2 things
    1 a great way to wrap a grip for many bats rackets and clubs (other stuff aswell)
    2 for learnding me what the weird paddle thing is in my school sports shed. lol


    HI OLLIE GRACE AND SONS HERE .MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS for anyone who want to order hurleys from kilkenny in ireland.we also supply and fit grips.hurling balls also in stock.we ship worldwide.many thanks ollie..

    nice 'ible, well done. One addition would be to loop the first part of the grip over the stub at the top. This stops the grip from slipping down the handle (as you said not a lot of adhesive on those grips). Also another main reason for the 'grip' is more to stop vibrations from reaching your hand when you clash hurls with another player. It's a very stingy sensation when this happens. to answer fujo a lot of hurls seem to be going that way with the boss. i think as the G.A.A never actually set a rule on the size of the boss people just figured it was easier for hitting the slightor etc ya know. anyways nice to see an Irish themed 'ible, I've been on here for a few years and haven't seen many actually Irish people or many real Irish ibles.

    1 reply

    Hey thanks! That's really good information. I considered looping it but had seen it done both ways and not having enough experience to know just went without the loop.

    Nice instructable about a sport I've never heard of! I checked into it and I would love to try it but unfortunately the closest registered team is two hours away. Anyway, thanks for the DIY lesson and the lesson in my own culture.

    1 reply

    Thats a weird looking boss [the head part of the hurl] - where did you get it? It looks a bit like a goalie hurl but not quite.

    1 reply

    It's just a standard intermediate hurl. Probably the angle of the photo. Came right from Ollie Grace and Sons in Kilkenny.

    Not bad for someone not from Ireland! Hurling is THE fastest field sport in the world.. Great game.. Enjoy!

    Just to correct something, hurling hasn't really been played for 2000 years, unless you take the Cuchulainn saga as fact :) The sport mentioned in historical documents was the long distance striking competition revived today as "poc fada", or "long strike". Essentially, a group of lads decide on an area to get to, and the person who gets there with the fewest strikes of the ball wins. It is a predecessor of golf, which you can imagine as being poc fada but without the ability to rise the ball. You can order inter-county grade hurleys online from

    2 replies

    but didnt the Celts play an early form of hurling also random fact they were one the first to play chess (ficheal)

    Hurling is really expanding in the States right now. You might look around and see if there are any teams near you.

    Nice simple 'ible. I have played with and without and prefer the bare wood. Now that I live in Canada, I only use it to hit tennisballs for my dog. Its a good job he is tough, because I accidentally cracked him with it as he jumped for the ball :o Great game.

    You should advertise this as a way of gripping or re-gripping field hockey sticks because they work on the same principle.

    1 reply

    That's great. I'm not too connected with the Hurling crowd here in San Francisco but as far as I've been able to sort out hurls are a little hard to come by in the states without ordering by mail. I'll have to get up to Berkeley and check out the shops near the campus.