How to Add Links to Your Instructables

In this instructable I will show you how to add links to instructables.

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Step 1: Make an Instructable

To make an instructable you have to have an account.
First you have to log in
Secondly you have to click on "create"
then click "step-by-step"
Then add your intro and steps
upload and insert pictures into each step
don't publish this instructable yet

Step 2: Get the URL of the Page You Want to Link To

go onto the internet and find the webpage that you want to make a link to. Then copy the URL from the bar at the top.

Step 3: Highlight the Text You Want to Add a Link To

click and drag over the text you want to add a link to

Step 4: Click on the Link Button

click on the link button. This should look like the earth with a chain in front of it. A thing saying 'link' should come up when you highlight it. This button will be right of the italic button

Step 5: Add the Link

When you press the link button a window should come up. Make sure the link type is URL and if the URL starts with www then make sure the protocol is http://. If your URL starts with somethingelse then you should be worried. Now paste the URL you got earlier into the box labelled 'URL'

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    please tell me what you think about my instructable so I can make instructables that I will make in the future better.