How to Add Videos to Your Sidekick Lx Easy and Free

Introduction: How to Add Videos to Your Sidekick Lx Easy and Free

The sidekick lx comes with a nice little media player in which you could watch videos, listen to music, or set up playlists. Im going to show you how to obtain your desired video from the web and in minuets transfer it to your sidekick lx. Lets move on to the materials.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Sidekick Lx

2. A Sandisk or other compatible micro sd card No larger than 4gb. I prefer Sandisk as i never had any problems.

3. Sidekick Lx Usb data cable

4. Any video converter (free)

5. A web browser

6. This site to download your videos. They give you a list of compatible sites.

Step 2: Ok Lets Get Started

I decided i wanted this video from Youtube on my phone.

First im going to copy the url i want than im going to go to

Paste the url into the blank and click download.

Depending on what site your downloading from will effect your download options. This is why some videos we will have to convert.

We want mp4 files or 3gp for our sidekick lx. i usually always use mp4s as i have had some conflict with 3gp.

Youtube gives us multiple options so all you would have to do is download the mp4 file and its ready to be added.

Step 3: I Dont See Mp4 or 3gp I Need to Covnert My File

Heres where any video converter comes in.

Open up the program, choose add video, Change the profile on the top right to Mobile phone MPEG-4 Movie. Make sure its not the customized mp4.

When you have your video(s) chosen just hit encode.

Let the program do its thing. Depending where you have your files saved on the program (desktop is default i believe) is where the folder, Mobile mp4, will be with the converted file inside.

Your original download will not be affected.

Were ready too add the video now! : )

Step 4: Adding Video File

Plug in your data cable to your usb port and into your sidekick.

Options should pop up asking you what you want to do. Choose open folder to view files.

Simply drag your mp4 or 3gp file into this folder and thats it! Your good to go!

Safely remove hardware. Allow the memory card to load a bit. Open up your media player and check out your new videos. Hope this helped. Enjoy and give me a good rating please. Later people.

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    This is indeed a problem. An easy way around is to use a 3gp search engine and your problems should be solved.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    Your comment is pointless. Ive already posted how to solve this issue. Searching a random 3gp search engine is not what this step was about. Its about finding the exact video you want and what to do when the correct file type isn't available.