How to Add Your Blog's RSS Feed to Hootsuite




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Blogging is more than just writing and clicking publish. You write a post, add an image, press publish and then you have to go out and promote the content you have just written!

It's time consuming but Hootsuite can help speed up the blog promotion process. In this video I share how to add your RSS feed to Hootsuite so you can promote your blog posts with just a few clicks. This video is less than 5 minutes long and will save you hours of time and consistently generate better social traffic for you.

You can find out more about about adding social profiles to Hootsuite  here. Thanks for watching.



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    Thank you so much on the bit on adding social profiles to Hootsuite. I've been bouncing around looking for other options when it comes to keeping Twitter updated from RSS Feeds. I came across Anything that you can share about this new tool?