How to Apply Textures on Individual Object Surfaces in Second Life

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Within Second Life you have the ability to apply multiple textures to a single object. The process is very simple and can greatly enhance the appearance of your builds.

Step 1: Create a Single "prim" in the Shape of a Box

With your box selected click on the Texture Tab in the modify object dialogue box.

Then click on the radial button labeled "Select Texture"

You will notice that each side of your box has a white circle with a plus in the middle.

Step 2: Apply a Texture to a Single Side of the Box

Select one side of the box by left clicking on it once

Click on the box labeled Texture in the object dialogue box

Your inventory will automatically open allowing you to select whatever texture you would like to apply.

Choose a texture from your inventory and click select.

Step 3: Select a New Side of the Box

As with Step 2, select the side of the box you wish to apply the texture to and left click on it once.

Step 4: Apply a Different Texture to Another Side of the Box

Follow each of the steps outlined in Step 2, however, this time apply a different texture to the newly selected side.

Step 5: Rotate Your Box and Select a Third Side.

Click on the rotate radial button or hold the Ctrl Key while the box is selected.

Rotate the box so that you can see an additional side.

Step 6: Apply a Third Texture to the Box

Again, repeat Step 2 with yet another new texture.

Step 7: Continue to Apply and Modify Textures As Needed.

In addition to applying new textures on additional sides of the box, you can use any of the texture modify tools, such as transparency, repeats per meter, bumpiness, etc.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Second Life is an online game where people can interact via avatars with others. It has it's own economy etc, just like "real life" only in a virtual environment! is the main website if you want more information.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wanted to say thanks for writing this.. this helped me a lot. HOWEVER, I would highly suggest that you note where the radio button is (and that there is one) to go to select textures. I had to search for a while before I noticed it.


    12 years ago

    Or... You could open up your inventory, Locate the texture you wish to use and DRAG it on to the side you want the texture upon. AMAZING!


    12 years ago

    Second Life is a online game. Seriously, do some research before you be hypercritical. I found that by typing in "second life" into google ;)


    12 years ago

    umm... ok, and where do i get this "Second Life" of which you speak, i mean i could start making tutorials about a program that i built myself just for my own enjoyment. please post a link or something

    Biggin Burleigh

    12 years ago

    Thank you Wilder. Can we delve a little deeper? Suppose we want to apply textures to a cone, or a ball? Can you discuss that please? Thank you.