How to Assemble DIY Paper Craft Toy Train

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This is a train I made for my kid's show and tell at school. Actually I made something like this (Check out my older instructables "Thomas The Engine") a long time back. This is a prototype of the same thing inside a DIY kit.

Step 1: Parts and Body

The kit has simple parts. Some of the parts are part assembled inside the kit, such as the boiler and chimney.

The parts are alphabetically marked and can be glued together with ease.

Step 2: Boiler and Chimney

The boiler and chimney is added after the body is dry. It takes around 10 minutes to get sufficiently dry.

Step 3: Wheels

For the wheels to be properly aligned, we have to mark 1/2 inches from the bottom and then glue the wheels.

And you are done. Dry the train for around 1 hour and you are ready to draw, paint and/or play with it.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    I make them on demand now. Not much takers.


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry! I am not publishing the template as of now. I am developing a business out of these products. Maybe 6 months down the line.