How to Assemble a 3D Printed Raven Skull and Display Mount

About: We make 3D models of fun toys and 3D printer test kits for your desktop 3D printer. No support structures or glue! Go to for 3D printer fun!

The BONEHEADS Raven Skull is a fun FREE 3D model that you can download here: 3D print the Skull and Display Mount and make yourself some cool wall decor. The Display Mount can also be used with other BONEHEADS skulls. Other FREE BONEHEADS are available on, and you can also purchase kits full of BONEHEADS skulls. Mounting the Raven Skull is optional. You can use it for all sorts of things...prop, desk buddy, jewelry, art piece. It's up to you! We hope you enjoy it!



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    1 year ago

    Can You send me files? I cant find it on site :/