How to Assemble a Wood Outboard Motor Mount

Introduction: How to Assemble a Wood Outboard Motor Mount

I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.
We used scrap wood and cut it down to pieces to make parts for this mount. This instructable will show you how we assembled it.

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Step 1: Sand Wood

With a belt sander smoothen down all your pre-cut wooden pieces until your structure fits perfectly.

Step 2: Build Structure

Make sure your structure fits together. You'll need an inside support structure and the walls.

Step 3: Drill

Drill the mount together using a drill and screws. The more the merrier in an effort to build a strong mount.

Step 4: Smooth Off Edges

We used a giant horse file but you can also use sand paper to smooth of all edges of your mount. Remove splinters and  make your mount as even and smooth as possible. This will aid you in the following process of fiberglass application.

Step 5: Test for Function

Before spending time and money to fiberglass your motor motor mount, put everything together and install the motor on it and make sure everything fits and functions. If it does follow my next instructable to fiberglass your mount.

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