How to Assemble Your Universal Spool Holder

Introduction: How to Assemble Your Universal Spool Holder

Step 1:

Lay out all hardware

Step 2:

Press the bearings on to the printed parts

Step 3:

On both longer rods:
- Thread a wing nut to somewhere in the middle of each rod
- Slide the circular printed parts with two bearings until they meet the nut in the middle
- Thread another wing nut so that the circular pieces have one wing nut on each side: and tighten these against each other.

Step 4:

On both shorter rods:
- Thread a hex nut a couple cm in on each side of both rods
- Slide the printed stand pieces through their lateral holes
- Secure with a dome nut on each end of both shorter rods

Step 5:

On both longer rods
- Thread a wing nut on each end with the wings pointed towards the rod
- Slide that side of each rod into the frontal slots of each printed stand piece connected to one of the shorter rod assemblies
- Secure the pieces with wing nuts on the ends
- Close the ends with dome nuts

Step 6:

On each of the loose ends of the longer rods:
- Thread a hex nut a couple cm in
- Add the remaining shorter rod assembly by sliding it on to each end of the long rods
- If it doesn't slide smoothly at first, make sure the long rods are going in completely straight
- Secure with dome nuts on the ends

Step 7:

To adjust your filament reel:
- Twist the wing nuts of the middle bearings to move them and the circular bearings along the rods
- The ends with the wing nuts can also move along the rods to support two filament reels of any size

Step 8:

The parts are completely 3D printable on any 3D printer !!
Get your hardware at

By RoboSavvy :)

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    The bearings will always fall off if you don't have a perfectly calibrated printer - and even then they're not sticking hard enough.

    If you suffer from this problem you can simply download and print the "bearing holders" for this spool holder.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi krim404, We only just saw this. This is great! Thanks for sharing.