How to Avoid the Apocalypse




Introduction: How to Avoid the Apocalypse

I know that you all want to know how to survive THE EVER IMPENDING APOCALYPSE but what if there was a better solution...

It's very nice an all trying to survive, THE EVER IMPENDING APOCALYPSE and learning how to do that, but wouldn't it be just so much easier stop the apocalypse from coming in the first place. This intructable will show you the possibilities of impending DOOM for human kind and how you may be able to help the world to help stop them from occurring.

Hopefully by the end of this you won't need to survive THE EVER IMPENDING APOCALYPSE as there should not be the need to. So you should all be safe even if your ready or not.

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Step 1: POSSIBILITY 1: Clathrate Explosion

Problem: Methane clathrate is a form of ice that exists in large amounts on the ocean floor. This ice contains a large amount of the greenhouse gas methane. As global temperatures increase, these clathrates are getting bigger and bigger, and when it gets warm enough the methane frozen inside them will explode, sending gas, ash and smoke up through the ocean in really big 'water volcanoes' of steam (geysers). These explosions could create a chain reaction with other clathrates, which would mean more explosions. The methane would completely destroy our ecosystem which would ruin everything that has some form of life to it and kill it meaning doom for humanity.

Solution: Global warming is the key factor in this apocalypse scenario.

  • Reduce your energy use
  • Improve efficiency of energy
  • Start using renewable energy sources such as solar, tidal, wind
  • Don't use fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal

These will only slow down the effects of global warming, but you never know you might slow it down enough so that you don't have to witness this apocalypse possibility.

Step 2: POSSIBILITY 2: Solar Storm

Problem: Every so often, the surface of the sun goes through a “solar storm,” sending a shots of highly-charged particles out into the atmosphere. Mild ones we see as lovely light shows in the upper atmosphere (the northern lights). BIG ones however, The last one was in 1859, and it was so powerful that it set fire to telegraph lines. The damage it would do to modern power and telecommunications could be horrific. It would drive the world into a new Dark Age.

Solution: Well.. Umm...

  • Learn to live without lights
  • Learn to live without Phones
  • Learn to live without Facebook
  • Learn to live without Twitter
  • Learn to live without Youtube
  • Learn to live without Electric Cars??
  • Learn to live without this intractable

Basically learn to go outside and do stuff.

Step 3: POSSIBILITY 3: Supervolcano Eruption

Problem: When the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted, sending a sheet of over 250 million square meters of dust and ash up into the air. It shut down air travel all over Europe for days. However there’s an active volcano in Yellowstone National Park that could do 10,000 times worse. All it would take is two to three of the world’s five super volcanoes to erupt in close succession to wreak total havoc on our ecosystem, blotting out the sun and causing famines.

Solution: There is no way that i know of to stop a volcano from erupting... but

  • You can live far away from these volcanoes when they have risks of erupting. This will reduce chances of death and if you are clear from that area you are not at risk of an apocalypse
  • Oh and hope that none of these erupt soon or at the the same time

Step 4: POSSIBILITY 4: Extinction-Level Asteroid Impact

Problem: Many believe that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a rock just six miles wide striking the Earth, and to wipe out our world it would take an asteroid a sixth of the size. Thankfully, astronomers haven’t identified any of that size, but there’s a 300-yard wide one that will hit our orbit in 2029 and could conceivably kill millions.

Solution: Call out the Pros

  • Send a rocket to destroy it before atheist earth
  • Send a rocket to alter its direction
  • Send a rocket to stop it from reaching earths orbit
  • Seng a rocket...

Step 5: POSSIBILITY 5: Pandemic

Problem: Bacteria and viruses will mutate to survive, and it’s only a matter of time before a mutation will be lead to human fatality. In the past, the influenza epidemic of 1918 claimed more lives than World War I, and incurable diseases like AIDS have changed human civilisation With a connected world getting bigger by the second, it’s easy for a pandemic to spread throughout the continents, and no place on Earth would be safe.

Solution: Medical Research

  • Improve medical research
  • Get more doctors
  • Get better equipment
  • Set up more labs for disease and infection
  • Set up more labs for bacterial and viral research

Step 6: POSSIBILITY 6: Colony Collapse Disorder

Problem: Colony collapse disorder is a phenomenon where the entire population of worker bees in a hive suddenly disappears. There are a number of theories as to why; including rising pesticide use and ambient electromagnetic radiation, but the fallout is serious. Bees are responsible for helping a third of American food crops reproduce, including almonds, blackberries and especially soybeans. Without them, food production will be significantly more expensive and difficult.

Solution: Save the Bees

  • Create bee safe/ friendly environments
  • reduce pesticide?
  • Reduce electromagnetic radiation?

Step 7: POSSIBILITY 7: the Rapture

Problem: Probably the most popular theory is the Rapture, which in Christian theology means God reaching down and grabbing all of the true believers and lifting them up to Heaven. That means millions of individuals vanishing in the middle of whatever they were doing – driving, performing surgery, operating nuclear power plants, you name it. That could cause worldwide chaos, and that’s not even factoring in the rivers of blood, demonic attacks and other things that are supposed to happen.

Solution: Believe

  • Pray
  • Pray hard
  • Pray a lot
  • Believe in the Lord
  • If your a christian keep doing what your doing and share your wisdom
  • Alternatively if your a true believer do not have an important job
  • Go to church

Step 8: POSSIBILITY 8: Nuclear War

Problem: With countries like Iran and North Korea working to develop atomic bombs, all it will take is two nations escalating to kick off the apocalypse. As few as 100 bombs detonated in a short period of time could cue “nuclear winter,” a massive climatic effect that would bring Earth temperatures down to their lowest point in thousands of years. This would devastate food production, causing widespread famine and death.


  • Stop the production of nuclear weapons
  • Don't go to war
  • Don't drop nuclear bombs
  • Don't detonate nuclear bombs
  • Stop nuclear warfare production

Step 9: POSSIBILITY 9: Renegade Black Hole

Problem: The closest known black hole is about 159 quadrillion miles away, so it doesn’t pose a threat to us, but scientists just discovered something new: roaming black holes. These actually move through space, leaving a trail of gravitational destruction behind them. If one got even a billion miles away from Earth, it would be enough to change our orbit around the Sun. Any closer and it could actually suck us in beyond the event horizon.

Solution: To stop this possible apocalypse to come across us, as soon as the black hole was within distance we would have to send in a force equal or more powerful so that the blackhole and the other force would destroy each other.

Step 10: POSSIBILITY Z: Take a Guess

Problem: Zombie Apocalypse. Flesh eating beings with only there primal instincts and no personality which can only be stopped with the decapitation of the head or destruction of the skull. Originates from voodoo culture. Zombies have several names, Walker, undead, biters...

Solution: Easy Peasy

  • Don't get Bit
  • Watch zombie movies,
  • tv shows,
  • youtube videos,
  • Play zombie games
  • Get a doctor
  • Get someone else to do all this.

We are more than covered or any zombie outbreak.

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    11 Discussions

    Tecwyn Twmffat
    Tecwyn Twmffat

    5 years ago

    Excellent! You have my vote. One thing though - there is a theory going round that the zombies are already here and are contributing to global warming by default . They have even infiltrated the upper levels of some anti-climate change activism groups. Recently a friend of mine with a degree in environmental science got bit and took an impulse decision vacation by aeroplane to Thailand. Please be careful!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    if you just use step 7 as an all around solution i think youll be okay


    5 years ago

    Regarding number 7; have you researched other religions to see if there are other impending religious doom scenarios that we should praying to avoid? There are a lot of religions out there, so sticking with only one drastically reduces your odds of chancing on the right one.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Possibility number 11: Reading bad grammar and spelling make people's heads explode.

    Solution: Proofread.


    5 years ago

    Great work. Voted.


    5 years ago

    Love this LOL!

    And yes Zombies are definately here in America. They're called Politicians!