How to Back a Red Oak Longbow. Part 4 of Red Oak Bow Build Along.

Introduction: How to Back a Red Oak Longbow. Part 4 of Red Oak Bow Build Along.

This is the forth installment on how to make a red oak longbow.  In this video I show you a few more preparation cuts, and talk about bow backing materials.  I also show you two different methods of backing a bow which include using cotton material or fiber glassing. 

You can use a four way rasp/file for cutting or a band saw or jig saw. 

For fiber glassing you need a 72 inch long strip of fiber glass and G flex epoxy resin.  This is the only flexible resin I know of and it is necessary to use flexible epoxy.

For using cotton I recommend strong cotton material such as strips of Army camo clothing sewn together to make one long strip.  If the cotton is more of a material similar to bet sheet material it will not do much good. 

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    6 years ago

    What's the cheapest material 4 backing. I am low on cash and need a new bow


    Reply 6 years ago

    I feel you on that. Would have to say that a heavy duty cloth and wood glue may be the way to go. Many people use sheet rock tape, but I have not tried it because I think its ugly. Interestingly, I was at a hardware store today that sparked an Idea. I saw some wheal barrel handles made of hickory that had really straight grain. They were roughly 1 1/2- 1-3/4 squared. I thought that I might buy them when I get enough money and rip them in 2 four thin pieces for backing with hickory. You would have to have access to a table saw and splice two pieces together to make one long piece or something, but its possible to get a backing for two bows for 14 dollars.