How to Back Up Memory Cards Without a Computer

Introduction: How to Back Up Memory Cards Without a Computer


When I'm on holiday I like to back up all the photos a take. and to sort out which photos to delete. and upload the good ones to facebook.

The only thing is when on holiday I don't want to lug around a laptop.

The solution I have found is to use a PDA with a compact flash slot.
And I'm able to back up all types of memory cards.

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Step 1: Equipment Needed

1 PDA with a compact flash slot ( you can get these very cheaply on ebay now)
1 Compact flash card adaptor
some memory cards

Step 2: How to Do It

Basically I just plug the memory card in to the adaptor which is attached to the back of my PDA.

The adaptor I used will allow me to copy SD, MMC, sony memory stick various versions , XD Micro SD and probably others as well.

If I want to copy CF cards I just plug them directly in to the CF slot. So no need for the adaptor.

Open a file manager and copy the files to the second memory card.
when the photos are on my PDA I am then able to email them to facebook or picasa if I wish.

Step 3: Extra Infomation

I have seen USB copying devices the only problem with them are you cant see what you are copying. You are unable to free up space on the memory card if needed.
you are unable to edit and email the files to facebook without going to an internet cafe.

I also have an ASUS wifi wireless Hard drive which gives me 40GB of storage.
So I can transfer Photos, Video, Music and so on to that.

plenty of space for music and video while on holiday.

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    Hello, i've about 19gb of photos and music file on my 32gb sd card. Just as i want to copy some file from it to my pc i got a notice that i need to format the the sd card. Right now i can't open the sd card to move the files to another drive before formatting. How can i backup this files before formatting
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    10 years ago on Step 2

    I originally thought what's the point of this. Memory on a pda is minimal at best, but after reading it again, i realised you were uploading to a flikr account.

    Great idea. I wish i had thought of this when I took photos at my brothers wedding. I had to lug my laptop around with me, and i could have used my palmtop instead.

    Goes to show, simplest ideas are the best!!!


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 2

     I had a 4GB card in the phone. and I also had an 8GB compact flash card I could use in the back pack. I also had a 40GB asus wifi hard drive i could transfer files to. so the PDA gave me lots of options and lots of storage.