How to Be Orphan Esther

Step One: Buy a dress. Preferably a white dress. Wedding dresses work well. You want to look innocent and childlike.

Step two: Grab a school uniform long sleeved shirt. One with the perfect collar. There is a picture with a good collar for you to refer to. 

Step three: ribbons. you will need ribbons to wrap around your neck and wrists just like Esther does.

step four: shoes that have no heel are good. black or navy blue is fine.

Step five: A large blue navy blue coat is perfect. Make sure you can still see the collar of your shirt and the bottom of your dress(your dress should have been at the least right below your knees)

Extras: make up is a good idea. make sure to keep it simple and childlike though. 
white tights work well. practice your russian accent! 

Step six: wear a white head band behind your dark brown curly hair. But if you wish you can also wear your hair in pigtails with ribbon bows. 



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