How to Be UH-MAZING!!!!

About: I love corn bread and will do anything for a relationship that doesn't last only one date! ARGH!

Follow these lab tested steps to achieve your own awesomeness!!! WHAT DID THE CHEF NAME HIS SON? STEW!!!!!   xD!!!!!!

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Step 1: Grow a Mullet!

You will indeed be the envy of the world if you rock a mullet. Grow one out and acquire a heavy southern accent!!!!!!!

Step 2: EAT!!!! ARGEGBDFKJAHKLhbuij1k!

i am so angry when i dont eat!!!!!!! i researched my inner mind and discovered that eating does make me calm. by a further investigation of the mechanisms of the human soul i found that calm is amazing. you know the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well i tweaked it around to "72 APPLES A DAY WILL KEEP THE RAGE AWAY!"
Follow in my awesome footprints and eat 72 apples EVERY DANG DAY GOSH DARN!!!

Step 3: Aloofness!!

act aloof and ignorant to everyone! even your loved one if that's what it takes. who cares if your husband or wife starts hating you?! in the meantime you are developing awesomeness that amazes and creeps out your family and friends!

Step 4: Chili

go on a very hardcore chili diet. only eat chili for the next 973.2 days. Everyone admires someone on a diet and everyone loves chili. combining the two of them will help you to become the ultimate amazing person!!!

Step 5: Self Control Is for Losers

you need to deprive yourself of all self control! you need to have no self control and try to act crazy sometimes. people will love you for this and it will make you amazing. 



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