How to Be a Headcrab Zombie

In this instructable I will teach you how to be a headcrab zombie from the game "half life 2"

Step 1: Things Required

There's some stuff needed to be a headcrab zombie, the things required are:
a headcrab hat (or any headcrab that can fit on your head)
a blood-stained white long sleve shirt
a blood-stained pair of blue jeans

you can get fake blood at any halloween store or you can make it yourself (there are instructables on how to make fake blood).

Step 2: Blood Staining

To blood stain the clothes first pour some blood in a cup. Then for the heavily stained places pour some blood in your hands and rub the blood onto the spot where you want it. Then for not-so heavily stained places just dip your fingers in the cup and splash it on the clothes.

Step 3: Walk Like a Headcrab Zombie

The headcrab zombie has a special walk, sort of like a limp

here is a video of headcrab zombies

Step 4: Talk Like a Headcrab Zombie

headcrab zombies talk in a very special way, these are some of the lines they say.
yabba, my light meh
huh hoy

heres a video of the sounds headcrab zombies make

Step 5: You're All Done

you are now officially a certified headcrab zombie.
now go scare your friends.

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