How to Be a Mediocre Social Deviant

Intro: How to Be a Mediocre Social Deviant

This step by step instructable will help you become more in tune with your inner rebellious side while being able to keep it real while living within the system (and the comforts of your daily life).

warning: this instructable is not for the light hearted. following these instructions will create turmoil within your daily life practices, make your friends think that you are strange, psychotic, or unnecessarily aggressive towards the ever omnipotent "Man," and with the right amount of precision and perfection, has the ability to land you on the US Official Terrorist Watch List (or on the outs of whatever mean girls clique you happen to be rocking currently).

Step 1: Posting Counter-Surveillance Stickers

social deviancy: posting anarchist stickers such as these, reminding the public of their lack of privacy from the US Government, facilitates in undermining the ever expanding control of the Department of Homeland Security.

mediocre factor: after posting these stickers, you are likely to venture into the Urban Outfitters which is conveniently located right behind you and proceed with your usual day.

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Step 2: Publishing Your Own Zine

socially deviancy: writing the truth about "The Man" and its twisted system through an alternative underground media outlet clearly contributes to becoming the ultimate mediocre social deviant because it bypasses mainstream media and all of its endorsements which influences the truth it puts out to the public. This alternative media allows for people to actually be exposed to the real truths about governmental scams and the newest anarchist rallies and specific causes.

mediocre factor: you have the potential to write something lame, like how your mom contributes to the revolution by allowing you to stay out past 11pm, or how social networking really has transformed your life and how it too is contributing to the socially deviant revolution.

Step 3: Living in a Trailer Park

social deviancy: living in the trailer park instantly elevates you to the ranks of legitness within social deviancy. People who choose trailer parks over modern day suburbia are keeping it real by not buying into the whole consumer craze and are taking up less of the Earth that has already become so sparse.

mediocre factor: you just saying you know friends up in the trailer park does not grant you the coolness factor of actually being socially deviant. sorry.

Step 4: Wearing Converse

social deviancy: ya, you look pretty legit wearing your high tops and all, but the mediocre factor in this socially deviant step is the fact that the converse label is a cliche. you are essentially buying into the socially deviant look without actually beating any system.

Step 5: Food Shopping at a Co-op

social deviancy: undermining this social set-up of buying food products from an industry that utilizes mass production methods in producing their crops while treating their workers unjustly and contributing to a larger role in global warming than they anticipated/were aware of with their transportation needs. By buying at a co-op, you are supporting local production efforts and usually organic production means.

mediocre factor: you could be growing your own food in your own backyard which would deem you free from the system and way more legit in your rebellion.

Step 6: Not Shaving Female Legs

social deviancy: by not shaving your legs, you are not playing into the social construct of "appropriate behavior" that all females for some reason are required to abide by, unquestioningly.

mediocre factor: you could just be doing this because you are hella lazy and don't feel like putting in all that effort anyways. This is not fighting in the revolution.

Step 7: Ride Your Bike

social deviancy: riding your bike is saying a powerful "No!" to the man, which manifests itself through the superpowers of the oil industry and its corresponding greedy tycoons which have become some of the most powerful and influential people controlling not only world governments and policies, but our daily lives with their arbitrary oil pricings and output.

mediocre factor: by still not giving up your trainer tricycle wheels when you reach the ripe age of 19, you dock just a few points off your social deviancy coolness tally, but not much. The pink streamers flowing off of your handle bars are actually an added plus to the revolution against the system, believe it or not.

Step 8: Vegetarianism

social deviancy: bypassing the exponentially increasing control of the meat industrial complex that has taken strong hold within our legislative governments and is currently contributing to intense amounts of environmental destructions and land-use issues.

mediocre factor: becoming a vegan would actually be considered deviant since vegetarianism has become somewhat of a fad (even Alicia Silverstone has caught onto the publicity boat) and veganism allows for total alleviation of the dairy industry's control.

Step 9: Shopping for Clothes @ American Apparel

social deviancy: shopping at this sweatshop free clothing store does undermine the system of the normal clothing production process that our society depends so fully on, but this store's trendiness has become another iconic label, contributing to an unfortunate mediocre factor.

Step 10: Dumpster Diving

social deviancy: by obtaining your food, clothing, or other daily life materials from the left-overs that normal consumers disregard as waste, you are releasing yourself from the consumer cycle that is taking over our lifestyles and creating an unsustainable planet for us to live on.

mediocre factor: the dumpster is still within the system, contrary to anarchists ideals, therefore still contributing to the maintenance of the system's cycle. Better to starve.



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    29 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Actually helpful - +10 Red-blue multireligional fake euros.

    Helps the so-called "feminists" (Not actual feminists, just man haters) -1 Red-blue multireligional fake euro.

    Helps me- +1 Red-blue multireligional fake euro.


    Score: 11


    5 years ago on Step 4

    just buy the knockoffs ;)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    you might want to avoid urban outfitters for some of these reasons:
    mostly # 9,10, 12, and 16


    7 years ago on Step 4

    I don't think converses actually make you look ''socially deviant'' they just make your feet sweaty... They do look good on basically anyone tough!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    dont bother bieng a social deviant just be who you are and ignore society.


    9 years ago on Step 10

    I like your instructable! its given my anarchist side some good ideas! I think I am on my way to at least be a lame anarchist now! ............ you know maybe I should not leave a comment ... I think "the man" is watchin this site ........ where is the cancel button?........... oh! no ! that was the post comment button!

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 10

    Haha, awesome post.  A final step might be to write an instructable....


    8 years ago on Step 9

     Yeah, but that involves work.    (LOL)


    8 years ago on Step 3

    actually this is one of many reason that probably and hopefully in a couple of months Im gonna be living on a trailer :P.
    cool stuff


    8 years ago on Step 1

    Remember that it is not only done by the US goverment! but by most goverments ;)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    And how about not using a credit card (I've never owned one), avoiding multinational brands as much as possible (a hard one admittedly), working off the books (not easy these days), and selling your tv?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wearing Converse and AA is just pandering to branding and multinationals, cogs in the very system that social deviancy should be fighting against. These and other companies have just co-opted the rebellious image or taken the path of least resistance in making themselves more acceptable and should NOT be included in anything like this. Apart from that there's some cool ideas here. I cycle, have dumpster dived, used food co-op's and have never shaved my legs... :D


    American Apparel isn't "sweatshop free." They dropped that bit of info from their advertising a while ago, when they were being investigated for unfair labor/wage practices-- not because they were TOLD to, but so they could dodge the bullet of people saying "they were told to stop saying that." They're regularly investigated for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and unfair pay practices. The social awareness/"Legalize LA" thing is just a smokescreen so the "hip" zombie kids won't realize they're paying a premium not for premium quality, but to support an image. It's a scam. Sources are everywhere on this one, reputable ones at that-- it's a matter of public record. Now, gang, here's the real question: do I mean what I just said, or am I being a social deviant against the "mediocre social deviant" depicted in the above? Ah, life.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Mad crazy awesome! Keep up the good work stranger.