How to Be a Pirate




Introduction: How to Be a Pirate

About: I become interested in DIY when I had the opportunity as a teenager to build a racing bicycle from scratch. That was such a fun experience! Since then, I've built alot of fun stuff and now I get to create...

 My son was looking for a way to transform himself into a Pirate on the high seas.  here's his magical transformation uses some items we had from a past halloween costume and lots of imagination.  

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Step 1: The Transformation Begins

 Luckily we have some props that include boots, a hook and a pirate hat....It also helps getting help from your little sister

Step 2: The Finish Line

 Oh no... there's a pirate in my house....what happened to my son...

Step 3: The Pirate Sings

Look-out peter pan here comes captain hook....

Step 4: Add Some DIY

Pirates like my son don't require much sleep, so early this morning, we added a homemade sword from paper, sticks from the backyard and some stickers 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    You do need to show us a "made or done", can you embellish this with DIY or do you only have the video-clip?



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     Thanks for your comment.  My son and I woke up early today and made a sword to add to the costume.